Ishqbaaz 14th August 2017 Written Update Written Episode starts with Anika apologizing to Vikram and tells him to back out from the engagement. Vikram agrees, Anika feels happy. Vikram comes suddenly for the engagement, Anika, Gauri, Bhavya and Rudra get shocked. Vikram speaks to someone in the dark.

Some time back… Rudra sees Bhavya restless and questions her. Bhavya feels everyone in Oberoi Mansion is in danger because of her. Gauri joins them and tells Bhavya to relax. Gauri says they must stop Vikram and Anika’s engagement. Gauri tells the plan to Rudra and Bhavya. Bhavya tries to get information on Vikram, she cannot find anything. Gauri, Bhavya and Rudra get suspicious about Vikram. Rudra says he will solve the problem. Gauri follows him. Rudra meets Vikram and asks Vikram about his motive.Rudra asks Vikram why is he getting involved in the fake engagement. Vikram says he is helping Anika as she had helped him and to save Anika from getting insulted. Vikram says he doesn’t know how to get out of the situation. Vikram praises Rudra, Rudra gets carried away. Gauri tells Vikram that because of him the gap in Shivika is widening. Gauri tells Vikram to back out from the engagement. Vikram assures Gauri that he will back out. Later, Anika meets Vikram and apologizes Vikram for the situation he is trapped in.

Anika asks Vikram to back out from the engagement and to end the drama as both Shivaay and Anika love each other. Vikram assures Anika that he will back out. Anika feels happy. Rudra, Bhavya, Gauri and Anika praise Vikram. Suddenly Vikram comes and asks them why they are not ready yet for the engagement. Anika, Rudra Bhavya and Gauri get shocked to see Vikram ready for the engagement. Vikram says he will leave after the engagement. All remain shocked. Vikram comes to someone in dark and says he has done the needful, it turns out to be Ragini. Shivaay tells Anika, Bhavya, Rudra and Gauri that he stopped Vikram from leaving the engagement for work. Ragini instigates Anika and holds Shivaay by his arm. Shivaay pushes away Ragini’s hand, Shivaay tells Anika to get ready for the engagement. Ragini tells Anika that after Anika’s engagement, Shivaay and Ragini will get engaged. Gauri says that all the problem is taking place due to Shivaay. Gauri, Rudra and Bhavya think of a plan, Gauri says she will do the needful. Gauri tells Anika to follow what she says. Shivaay waits for Anika and hopes that Anika would back out. Vikram asks Shivaay if he is sure of his plan, Shivaay says yes. Gauri comes out of the room followed by Anika. Shivaay gets shocked to see Anika ready for the engagement. Bhavya and Rudra get restless, Rudra decides to stop the engagement anyhow. Shivika come face to face, Gauri takes Vikram with her. Anika walks away from Shivaay, he calls her, Anika sees a hope that Shivaay might stop her and turns, Shivaay wishes all the best to Anika, she feels shattered and walks away. Jhanvi gets worried about the weather and scarcity of food. Tej consoles Jhanvi. Jhanvi prepares to cook for Tej and looks for lighter. Jhanvi looks for Tej and finds someone strange in the house. The man shows the knife to Jhanvi, she gets scared and then remembers him. he turns out to be Naren, Tej gets surprised. Naren tells about his work to Tej and Jhanvi, Jhanvi looks worried. Jhanvi, Tej and Naren eat dinner together, Naren talks about Jhanvi, she gets restless. Naren talks like an Obsessive lover, Naren touches Jhanvi’s foot with his, Jhanvi gets shocked.

Precap: Rudra tells Bhavya to stop the engagement, Bhavya adds a powder to the juice, Vikram asks for Anika’s hand, Anika gets shocked, Shivika look at each other, Vikram starts putting his ring on Anika’s finger..