Ishqbaaz 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 15th August 2017 Written Update Written Episode starts with Ragini telling Vikram to put Ring on Anika’s finger, Anika gives her hand to Vikram and looks at Shivaay. Some time back… Gauri brings Anika to Vikram, Ragini instigates Shivaay and tries to take a picture with Shivaay.

Shivaay tells Ragini to stop the drama and gets annoyed with Ragini for calling the Media when he was missing. Shivaay reminds Ragini that they are just friends. Shivaay gets annoyed for calling Anika his ex-wife and calling herself Shivaay’s fiancee. Ragini counters Shivaay, Shivaay tells Ragini to mind her own business. Rudra gets determined to stop the engagement, Bhavya tells Rudra to chill. Rudra seeks Bhavya’s help. Bhavya adds a powder in the juice. Rudra offers juice to Anika, Gauri gets suspicious and takes the juice.

Ragini takes Anika’s pictures and instigates Anika. Pinky and Ragini take Anika and Vikram’s couple pictures. Ragini tells Vikram to put his arm around Anika, Shivaay comes in between, Shivika share a look. Gauri gives juice to Ragini, Ragini drinks it. Vikram asks for Anika’s hand, Anika and Shivaay share a look, Anika gets restless, Ragini tells Vikram to hold Anika’s hand, Vikram sees Shivaay’s ring on Anika’s finger. Shivaay and Anika get emotional, Gauri says Anika should take the ring off to start a new relationship.

Anika tries to take off the ring, it doesn’t come off, Rudra says engagement is canceled. Ragini stops Rudra and tells Vikram to put the ring in the other hand, Anika’s other fingers are injured. Rudra says cancel the engagement, Ragini confronts Rudra and Bhavya. Gauri brings soap water to take off Shivaay’s ring. Shivika get emotional remembering their moments together. Gauri takes off the ring, the ring falls near Shivaay, he takes it. Vikram takes Anika’s hand, Ragini starts feeling unwell, Gauri points at Sahil, Sahil goes away, Ragini gets suspicious and goes after him. Suddenly the power goes off. Anika gets scared, Shivaay takes Anika in his arms, he calms her. Anika says Shivaay sent her away from him,  Shviaay holds Anika close. Ragini brings the power back, Anika and Shivaay move away. Gauri says engagement is already done as Anika is wearing the ring. Flashback is shown where Shivaay puts the ring on Anika’s finger. Gauri says Vikram got engaged to Anika in the dark, Ragini says Anika has to put ring for Vikram. As Anika is about to put the ring Shivaay gets restless. Suddenly Ragini gets unconscious and falls on the floor. Pinky and Vikram run to Ragini. Gauri tells Rudra that Anika got engaged to Shivaay, both get happy. Gauri and Rudra get geared up for Shivaay and Anika’s wedding. Anika confronts Shivaay over her ring, Shivaay praises the ring. Shivaay holds Anika’s hand, both get emotional. Anika tells Shivaay to stop the drama, Shivaay says Anika is doing the drama. Shivaay refuses to accept that he put the ring on her finger again, Anika says Shivaay took the advantage of dark, Shivaay declines and demands the truth, Anika looks at her ring and walks off. Anika cries outside Shivaay’s room, both look at their rings and get emotional. Naren comes to Jhanvi, Jhanvi confronts Naren, he tells her that the more she rejects him he likes to get close to her. Jhanvi gets annoyed and tells Naren to go away. Naren smiles. Commissioner tells Bhavya to get ready and to go under cover and to leave immediately. Bhavya sees Rudra, gets restless but accepts Commissioner’s orders. Tej leaves to get diesel from the gas station in the night, Jhanvi tries to stop him, but Tej leaves, she gets worried. Jhanvi sees Naren, he smiles, she gets worried. In the night, Jhanvi thinks Tej is back, suddenly Naren holds Jhanvi’s hand, he says he is mad for Jhanvi, he asks Jahnvi why did she refuse him. Naren forces himself on Jhanvi and tries to defend herself. Naren says they are alone.


Ragini and Vikram show Shivaay the ring Anika out for Vikram, Anika asks Shivaay if he is doing the right thing by getting her married, will Shivaay not be affected if she marries someone else.