Ishqbaaz 16th August 2017 Written Update Written Episode

Shivaay telling Anika to marry with all the rituals and celebrations. Bareilly Ki Barfi team visits Ishqbaaz. Some time back… Ragini and Vikram wonder how Anika got engaged if Vikram did not put ring for her.

Ragini and Vikram argue as Ragini tells Vikram not to be stupid. Ragini reveals about her family paying for Vikram’s education and helping him with the first job. Ragini tells Vikram to take Anika away from Shivaay. Shivaay tells Vikram that he is sad that engagement could not take place, Ragini comes secretly puts the ring on Vikram’s finger and tells Shivaay that Anika put the ring for Vikram. Ragini shows Vikram’s hand to Shivaay, Vikram supports Ragini. Shivaay gets disturbed, Ragini provokes Shivaay.

Rudra gets shocked to see Bhavya missing, he gets a letter that states that she has left for a mission and not to follow her. Bhavya drives, background voice says that Bhavya has to reach a village and stay as Lachi to get hold of Sultan where Sultan is involved in Human Trafficking racket. Bhavya turns Lachi. Rudra tells Gauri that he will not follow Bhavya, Gauri says Bhavya will not return to Oberoi Mansion. Rudra stays firm on his decision.

Bhavya reaches the destined home and her fake parents. Gauri gets worried about stopping Anika’s wedding, Rudra comes to her help. Gauri says Shivaay can’t let the wedding take place, they just have to increase his insecurity. Gauri tells Anika about having Ratjaga, Shivaay supports Gauri. Shivaay says the wedding should have all the functions. Anika refuses for the functions, Shivaay says he had promised for a lavish wedding and tells Gauri to prepare for Ratjaga. Gauri tells Anika that Shivaay is jealous and angry and tells Anika to relax. Rudra tells Khanna to find Bhavya’s whereabouts. Shivaay gets restless seeing Vikram’s excitement for Ratjaga. Shivaay tells Vikram that he is spoiling Anika by giving in to all her demands. Shivaay tries to stop Vikram from joining the function and makes him drink alcohol and Shivaay too drinks. Kriti Sanon enters Oberoi Mansion, Gauri calls her Bitti and introduces Anika to her. Bitti says she is here to find a groom, Bareilly Ki Barfi team enters. Bitti introduces Chirag and Vidrohi, they say they are looking for their partners. Anika tells them if they want a perfect partner they should always tell the truth to the partner. Rudra comes to know that Bhavya is in Gujrat village. Gauri tells Rudra to go to Bhavya. Gauri checks out the laddoos. Anika tells Shivaay to forget their problems for a minute and to look into her eyes and asks Shivaay if he is doing the right thing. Anika asks if she marries to someone else would Shivaay not be affected, Shivaay says he doesn’t want Anika to get married to someone else. Anika picks up water jug, Shivaay gets scared, she puts it in the vessel. Anika tells Shivaay to stop everything, Anika says they should cancel the wedding, Shivaay agrees. Bajrangi comes to Dhansukh and inquiries about Lachi. Bajrangi goes near Lachi and says they should get her married. Bajrangi tells his man that they should get Lachi trapped so that they can earn well. Bhavya updates the Commissioner, Bajrangi comes to Lachi and questions her about her costly mobile. Bhavya covers up, Bhola says a marriage proposal has come for Lachi and says Bajrangi wants to marry her. Naren tells Jhanvi that he is mad at her and threatens her of killing her. Tej breaks a bottle on Naren’s head, Naren becomes unconscious, Tej says they will get Naren arrested. Dhansukh refuses to get Lachi married to Bajrangi, Bhola persists, Rudra enters and says Lachi is already engaged, Bhavya gets shocked to see Rudra in Gujarati attire. Everyone is shocked. Rudra thinks and says he is Bhuvan and is Lachi’s fiance. Rudra calls her cutie and tells Bajrangi that he cannot marry Lachi. Bajrangi leaves, Bhavya gets annoyed with Rudra. Jahnvi gets scared to see tej missing and Tej comes and comforts Jhanvi. Next day, Jhanvi remembers Naren and gets worried, Tej says he could not call the police due to the network problem, tej decides to speak to Naren, Jahnvi goes with Tej. Jhanvi and Tej tell Naren that they are giving him a chance to behave properly, Naren doesn’t move and falls on the floor. Tej and Jahnvi get shocked. Tej says Naren has been murdered.


Anika refuses to get ready, Gauri forces her, Omkara tells Shivaay to get ready for Sangeet. Shivaay gets confused.