Ishqbaaz 17th August 2017 Written Update Written Episode and Ishqbaaz 18th August 2017 Precap

Ishqbaaz 17th August 2017 Written Update Written Episode starts with Shivaay and Anika talking on the phone to get everything done today itself, Gauri gets worried. Ragini exchanges the rings. Some time back… Gauri gets Bhaang laddoo for Shivaay and Anika to get them confess love to each other.Suddenly the laddoos go missing, Gauri gets worried, Gauri finds the laddoos but bumps into Pinky and the laddoos fall down. Pinky remakes the laddoos, gives to Gauri, eats herself and distributes to all the guests. Next day morning, all the guests are sleeping in the Oberoi Mansion, Pinky wakes up and gets confused. Pinky remembers laddoos and gets angry with Gauri. Ragini wakes up and wakes up Vikram, Ragini and Vikram argue over Shivaay and Anika. Ragini tells Vikram to concentrate on Anika.

Ragini blames Gauri and her laddoos. Gauri wakes up with a headache, Gauri cannot see clearly, Omkara enters Oberoi Mansion, she tries to see him. Gauri thinks she is dreaming, Omkara sits near Gauri, she gets shocked, Omkara questions Gauri on eating Bhaang laddoo, she gets up to see Shivika, but falls in Omkara’s arms. Rikara get close and share a moment, Omkara tells Gauri to rest and that they are a team. Omkara tells Gauri to share the plan with him, Gauri feels surprised.

Gauri tells him the plan, both check last night’s video footage. Rikara realize that Shivika did not eat bhaang laddoo and had a serious discussion. Rikara decide to find out what Shivika spoke. Shivaay and Anika divide the work to cancel the wedding. Anika and Shivaay call the contractors to cancel the orders. Omkara hears Anika talking on the phone and gets confused thinking Anika is preponing the Sangeet. Gauri hears Shivaay talking on the phone and gets worried thinking Shivaay wants the Sangeet function to be done at the earliest. Rikara get worried, Gauri thinks of one more plan. Bhavya shouts at Rudra for following him, Rudra says he wants to avenge Sultan. Rudra sees Bajrangi and pulls Bhavya in a hug, Bajrangi sees them, Rudra informs Bhavya about Bajrangi. Rudra tells Bhavya to make a team with him, Bhavya tries to warn Rudra of the danger. Gauri calls Rudra to take his advice to stop the Sangeet. Rudra advises to make Shivaay jealous, Gauri gets worried, Rudra assures her. Gauri tells the plan to Omkara, Ragini overhears Gauri’s plan. Ragini decides to counter the plan with her own. Omkara refuses for the plan, Gauri persists, Gauri pulls her and questions her, Omkara says he knows what happens to a person when he gets jealous. Gauri forces Anika to get ready for the Sangeet, Gauri and Anika misunderstand each other, Ragini comes and ruins Anika’s makeup. Gauri confronts Ragini, Ragini tells Gauri that Omkara has called her. Omkara and Shivaay misunderstand each other. Omkara gives Sangeet attire to Shivaay, Shivaay gets confused. Bhavya gets angry with Rudra for his idiotic plan, Rudra defends his plan. Gauri warns Ragini to behave herself. Ragini seizes the opportunity and exchanges Anika’s engagement ring with Vikram’s ring. Ragini feels happy to think about Shivaay’s jealousy. Dhansukh and wife praise Rudra’s decision of being with Bhavya. Bhola calls Rudra to meet Bajrangi. Bhavya tells Rudra to be careful, Rudra says he is very smart. Rudra and Bhavya share a moment. Bhavya tries to make Rudra realize the seriousness of the mission. Bajrangi questions Rudra about his details, Rudra says he is a common man. Bhavya keeps an eye on them. Bajrangi asks Rudra to sell Lachi to them. Rudra gets shocked. 

Precap: Anika and Shivaay get close in the dance, Shivaay wipes Anika’s tear.