Ishqbaaz 19th October 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Rudra taking over the stage and pushing Shivaay behind. Rudra addresses Shivaay as the murderer in front of the media and tells Shivaay to get off the stage. Rudra repeats Shivaay’s speech as his own, Anika and Shivaay get shocked. FB shows Rudra reading Shivaay’s speech. Shivaay turns out to be the first one to clap, all follow, Anika cries. Shivaay feels happy to see Rudra’s success at the speech. Oberoi family praises Rudra. Priyanka asks if Rudra wrote the speech himself, he doesn’t answer. Shivika come there, Rudra asks if Shivaay has come to take the credit for his speech, all get shocked. Rudra says he wanted to shock Shivaay. Shivaay says he felt happy to see Rudra delivering his speech, OmRu get shocked, Shivaay congratulates Rudra and says thanks. In the night, Shivaay remembers killing Tej and suddenly is seen strangulating Anika, she pushes him back. Shivaay gets shocked and apologizes to Anika. Anika coughs badly, Shivaay gives her water and keeps apologizing, Anika tries to go close to him, he goes away and tells her to stay far. Shivaay tells her that he has only given pain to her and therefore he is letting her free. Anika calms him and says she cannot live without him. Anika refuses to go away from Shivaay. Anika shows complete trust in Shivaay. He tends to Anika’s wounds and keeps apologizing. He asks Anika to sleep and goes out of the room.

He feels sorry for Anika thinking the Shivaay she is waiting for is dead. Shivaay thinks of saving Anika from him. In the morning, Anika tries to hide her throat pain, Gauri questions her. Anika makes up a story of she and Shivaay having ice cream together. Shivaay overhears them and feels guilty. He sees Omkara and wishes him good morning, Omkara walks off, Shivaay asks him to slap him or scream at him but at least to speak to him. Omkara the hatred cannot be forgotten. Later, as Shivaay is walking, a vase suddenly breaks in front of him. He sees Priyanka screaming at the maid for opening the curtains. Shivaay tries to talk to Priyanka, she screams at the maid, as she runs towards the maid, she loses balance, Shivaay supports her. Priyanka pushes Shivaay. He tries to talk to her. She says she is not the old Priyanka, she is someone whose mother killed her father, someone whose brother killed her uncle. She is the daughter of a murderer and sister of a murderer. She says she is ashamed of Shivaay. Priyanka says she drinks to forget everything and cries bitterly. She prohibits Shivaay from touching her. She says she has got the stigma for the whole life. Priyanka throws him out of her room and cries. Shivaay gets shattered to see her in such condition. Gauri and Bhavya get shocked to see finger marks around Anika’s neck, Anika tries to hide it. They insist on seeing the marks and get shocked. Shivaay draws curtains in his room and makes the room dark. He remembers Priyanka’s words and the past, he gets extremely disturbed.


Anika opens the curtains, tells Shivaay to get ready and go to office. She insists him, he agrees.