Ishqbaaz 1st January 2019 Written Update Written Episode

ACP Aditi’s team senses her anger. They warn Shivaansh about it.
Shivaansh’s team asks him about the work schedule. Shivaansh asks them to arrange the shoot in the Police Station.
After the shoot ends, Aditi leaves the location. Shivaansh follows her and falls in a pit. Aditi preaches him to protect himself. Unfortunately, Aditi falls in the same pit and in Shivaansh’s arm.
ACP Aditi decides to give up and is about to knock commissioner’s door, but Shivaansh stops her. He reminds her of the challenge.

Aditi and Shivaansh start working on the case. Before Aditi could give a briefing of the case Shivaansh talks about it and asks the team to interrogate the criminals.
Aditi takes up one criminal and Shivaansh another. Shivaansh gets emotional to hear the criminal’s story and asks the constable to release him.
Aditi comes to know about Shivaansh’s doing. While she leaves to control the situation, her criminal escapes.