Ishqbaaz 21st August 2017 Written Update Written Episode

Ishqbaaz 21st August 2017 Written Update Written Episode starts with Shivaay and Anika coming down for Mehendi. Shivaay come in his room, Ragini cuts her call suddenly, Shivaay gets suspicious, then gets shocked to find honeymoon package booked by Ragini. Some time back… Shivaay gets emotional seeing his ring

Ragini comes happily to Shivaay and shows her excitement about their wedding. Shivaay apologizes to Ragini saying that his proposal was fake and was out of the fit of anger. Ragini gets shocked but makes the drama of being understanding. Shivaay asks Ragini favor of being his fake fiancee in front of Anika, Ragini agrees. Outside, Ragini slaps herself out of anger, Vikram consoles Ragini. Ragini gets determined to change the fake drama in reality by turning Shivaay’s wife. Omkara and Gauri hear Dhol sounds and get confused.
Pinky declares it’s Mehendi day for Anika and Shivaay. Rikara get shocked, Dadi and Shakti get shocked too. Omkara confronts Shivaay, Shivaay says this wedding will stop only when Anika tells him the truth. Shivaay taunts Omkara over his marriage with Gauri. Omkara tells Shivaay that Shivika are perfect for each other, Omkara tells Shivaay to stop pushing Anika to the extreme. Shivaay says he needs to know the truth. Shivaay tells Omkara to spill the truth, Omkara remembers Anika’s Kasam and gets speechless.

Shivaay says this time he is not going to back off till Anika tells him the truth. Anika gets ready for the Mehendi, Shivaay joins her on the staircase. Shivaay and Anika compliment each other. Shivaay and Anika are both tensed and emotional, Pinky calls Shivaay, Shivaay signals Anika to go ahead, Anika goes, Shivaay remains stunned. Pinky says she has told the Mehendiwali to write Shivaay’s name on Ragini’s palm and Vikram’s name on Anika’s palm. Shivaay gets disturbed. Gauri gets emotional seeing Shivaay and Anika’s troubles and hopes that Shankarji will unite Shivika. Pinky asks Mehendiwali to put Mehendi for Ragini, Ragini says Anika will awkward about putting Mehendi in front of Shivaay, so let her put the Mehendi first, Dadi scolds Ragini. Gauri bums into Mehendiwali, the Mehendi falls on Ragini’s face, everyone gets shocked, Ragini gets angry with Gauri, Gauri says sorry to Ragini. Mehendiwali says she needs time to make new Mehendi. Ragini and Gauri come face to face and walk away in attitude. Omkara tells Shivaay to stop the madness. Gauri gets happy, Anika comes and questions Gauri. Anika says Shivaay is not doing anything to stop the wedding and gets scared of the wedding. Anika and Gauri laugh about Ragini. Omkara comes and confronts Gauri for her actions and tells her to be out of Shivaay and Anika’s relationship. Gauri agrees that a relationship can never be one sided, Gauri says she is just trying to help. Ragini plans to go to Greece for Honeymoon with Shivaay and books the honeymoon package on the name of Mrs. Ragini Shivaay SIng Oberoi, she sees Shivaay and cuts the call, he gets suspicious. Ragini covers up and says she can do anything for Shivaay, he asks why would she do so. Ragini says Shivaay is her closest friend. Shivaay says may be he should stop the fake wedding drama today itself, Ragini gets shocked. Shivaay sees his tablet and gets shocked to see Honeymoon package details, Shivaay remembers Anika’s words about Ragini. Bhavya and Rudra see Sultan and get shocked, Bajrangi bows down to Sultan and welcomes him. The girls bow down to Sultan, Bhavya and Rudra see him. Bajrangi calls Lachi to bow down to Sultan, she comes ahead, Bhavya’s fake mother covers up for her, Sultan holds Lachi’s hand, Bhavya and Rudra get shocked, Sultan gives a gift to Bhavya. Tej refuses to inform the police, Jhanvi cries. Tej plans to get rid of the body during the storm, both get shocked to see an old woman. Rudra confronts Bhavya for behaving weirdly in front of Sultan, both argue. Bhavya remembers her family’s death and gets determined to be strong and find all the details related to Sultan. The old lady turns out to be blind and looks for Naren, the old lady gets shocked to find Naren dead, Tej and Jhanvi escape from the house. Bhavya sees Sultan sleeping and decides to check his trunk. She sees a gun near Sultan, he moves in his sleep, Bhavya hides and then tries to open his trunk, Rudra stops her, she gets annoyed, Rudra refuses to leave, Bhavya pushes Rudra, he falls on the bed next to Sultan. Sultan turns and puts his hand on Rudra, RuVya get shocked.


Anika asks Shivaay if all the rituals are necessary, Shivaay asks her if she is having second thoughts, Anika says she is fine, Shivaay touches Anika’s face.