Ishqbaaz 22nd August 2017 Written Update Written Episode

Ishqbaaz 22nd August 2017 Written Update Written Episode starts with Shivaay calling in Siddharth during Mehendi, Ragini gets shocked. Siddharth walks in, Pinky defends Ragini. Shivaay exposes Ragini. Some time back… Anika apologizes to Vikram for the entire wedding drama. Anika says thank you to Vikram for his help.

Anika tells Vikram that the wedding drama will be over before the wedding, Vikram asks Anika what if he doesn’t want this drama to end and that he seriously wants to marry her, then what, Anika gets shocked, Vikram covers up by calling it a joke. Anika returns Vikram’s ring to him, Vikram behaves weird, Anika gets restless and walks off. Anika and Shivaay come face to face, Anika asks Shivaay if all the rituals are necessary, Shivaay asks if Anika is having second thoughts, Anika denies and says she is fine.Shivaay touches Anika’s face, both get close, suddenly Pinky calls saying Ragini is ready for Mehendi, Shivaay walks off. Rudra and Bhavya continue fighting, Bhavya holds Sultan’s hand high, Rudra escapes, Rudra and Bhavya hide under Sultan’s bed. Rudra asks Bhavya can he hug her as he is scared, Bhavya gets shocked but allows Rudra to hug her, Ruvya get close. Rudra and Bhavya escape from Sultan’s room. Anika joins for Mehendi. Gauri tells Anika that Shivaay will stop the Mehendi for sure.

Ragini and Shivaay join, Shivaay holds Ragini by hand and says Mehendi will be applied first to Ragini. Anika gets saddened. Shivaay asks Aniak to join Ragini. Anika sits with a heavy heart. Shivaay says he will put Mehendi for Ragini, he writes S on Ragini’s palm, Anika watches sadly and remembers her moments with Shivaay. Pinky says S for Shivaay, Shivaay says S for Siddharth and calls him in, Ragini and everyone get shocked as Siddharth walks in. Pinky scolds Shivaay, Shivaay says not Siddharth but Ragini is dangerous. Ragini gets shocked and speechless. Shivaay starts exposing Ragini saying Ragini met him with an accident and became a good friend. Shivaay says Ragini used to tell him all ill about Siddharth and when Shivaay told Ragini to file a police complaint, Ragini chose not to complain. That’s when Anika returned and warned him against Ragini, but Shivaay ignored Anika. But now he has realized that Anika was right. Flashback is shown where Bhavya tells Ragini’s truth to Shivaay. Shivaay says Siddharth never attacked Ragini but it was Ragini herself. Siddharth tells about Ragini’s fake calls and letters to break his wedding and that he went to US to get away from Ragini. Siddharth reveals that Ragini was in Mental Asylum for few months. Siddharth calls Ragini a psycho. Shivaay says Samar confirmed all that Siddharth has said. Ragini tries to cover up, Ragini says she loves Shivaay and wants to marry him, Shivaay says love cannot be done forcefully, Shivaay tells Ragini to leave, Pinky and Vikram refuse to support Ragini. Ragini gets shocked with Vikram’s behavior as he is not leaving. Ragini leaves from Oberoi Mansion, Dadi scolds Pinky and tells her to accept Anika. Pinky refuses and says that Anika will get married to Vikram. Gauri sees Shivaay’s name on Anika’s palm and says it aloud,  Shivaay and Anika stare at each other, Pinky gets furious and starts scolding Anika. Anika walks off being shocked, Dadi scolds Pinky. Pinky talks ill about Anika, Shivaay stops Pinky angrily and walks off. Rudra and Bhavya join in for prewedding game. Bhavya and Rudra argue and join the game. Rudra gets shocked to know whoever finishes all the spicy Rotis will be the winner. Game starts, Rudra finds the Rotis very spicy, Bhavya eats and finishes before everyone, Rudra gets shocked. In the next game, Bhavya and Rudra aer tied together with Dupatta, men are told to make the bride ready and then to pick up the bride in arms and to run till finish line. Rudra makes Bhavya ready, both share close moments, Rudra picks up Soumya in his arms and finishes first . Bhavya sees Sultan walking in and tells Rudra to hide, Sultan sees Rudra and Bhavya, Sultan gives money to Bhavya for winning the competition. Ruvya get shocked that Sultan did not recognize them and did not react. Bhavya thinks there is some gadbad and that she needs to find out.


Shivaay says Anika is hiding his name on her palm and is saying that it is not her mistake, Shivaay says eventhough his name is on her palm, she is going to be someone else’s wife.