Ishqbaaz 23rd August 2017 Written Update Written Episode

Ishqbaaz 23rd August 2017 Written Update Written Episode starts with Pinky giving Shadi ka joda and jewelry to Anika. Shivaay tells Gauri that he wants to know the truth, whatever it may be, Pinky tells the staff to get Anika ready within 20 minutes, Shivaay sees his ring.

Some time back… Anika sees her Mehendi emotionally, Shivaay sees her, he thinks Anika was right about Ragini, Shivaay’s phone falls and goes under the sofa, Anika thinks Shivaay has finally come crawling for her, Shivaay shows the phone, Anika and Shivaay argue over their mistakes, Shivaay says because of Anika’s mistake she has to hide his name on her palm. Shivaay holds Anika’s hand and says now even if Shivaay’s name is written on her palm, she is going to be someone’s wife.

Anika agrees that she made a mistake, but both of them are suffering, Anika questions Shivaay till when will they confront each other and that they have to think of their relationship. Anika says they only have the night and if Shivaay wants to give a chance to their relationship he should tell her by 11 am next day, and if he wants to save the realtionship he should keep the engagement ring near the pool. Anika shares her sorrow with Gauri.

Anika tells her how she fell in love with Shivaay and then blames her fate for separating from Shivaay. Anika says she is unable to tell the truth to Shivaay and hopes that Shivaay would stop the wedding. In the night, Anika and Shivaay get emotional seeing the moon. Shivaay sees the ring, Anika holds her Mangalsutra. In the morning, Rudra sits in front of Bhavya and stares at her, Bhavya shows him the gun. Rudra keeps staring at Bhavya and later at her badge, both argue over it, it falls out of the window. Both run to get it. Pinky gets wedding attire and jewelry for Anika and says Shivaay sent it. Anika gets shocked, Pinky taunts Anika for losing the challenge of becoming Shivaay’s wife. Omkara confronts Pinky for lying to Anika about Shivaay sending the clothes. Pinky defends herself. Anika sees the watch and cries as Shivaay is not stopping her but she tries to keep her faith in Shivaay alive. Gauri tells Shivaay to stop the wedding and cries bitterly. Shivaay says Anika broke his heart and that he is scared because he knows that the reason for which Anika separated from him must be massive. Shivaay says he wants to know the truth. Gauri tells Shivaay to be happy with his decision, Gauri cries in Shivaay’s arms, Shivaay tries to make a decision. Bhavya and Rudra keep searching for Bhavya’s badge, a cleaning lady puts the garbage in fore, Bhaya and Rudra run to her, the trash catches fire. Bhavya cries, someone holds the badge. Pinky gets angry with Anika for not getting ready and tells the staff to make Anika ready. Shivaay gets restless seeing the time, he sees the ring and remembers Anika’s words. Bhavya sees Sultan’s hand from the window and realizes that he is not the real Sultan. Tej scolds Jhanvi for panicking, Jhanvi blames Tej of killing Naren, Tej gets furious and suspects that Jhanvi might have killed Naren. Tej and Jhanvi fight and accuse each other. Bhavya tries to find who the fake Sultan is, Rudra joins her, Bhavya tells him about fake Sultan. Fake Sultan tells Bajrangi about Bhavya’s real identity, Bhavya and Rudra get shocked. bajrangi tells fake Sultan that Bajrangi to keep an eye on Bhavya and to prepone the wedding date, a female voice blames Bajrangi, fake sultan agrees, the female shoots Bajrangi (only her hand is seen). Bhavya and Rudra get shocked. Tej and Jhanvi see police van approaching, the van passes, Tej tells Jhanvi to relax. The van stops and the police approach Tej and Jhanvi, Tej tells Police they have stopped to take rest, Police go away. Later they come across Check Naka, Tej tells Jhanvi to relax, Police question Tej and tells him about the murder, Tej covers up, Police allow them to leave. The car breaks down due to flat tyre. Tej goes to check for help. Kaka tells Rudra that as per Bhavya’s plan, other three brides will be replaced by men in bride avatar, Bhavya comes as Rudra’s bride, Rudra gets mesmerized. Rudra feels happy about his wedding with Bhavya, she reminds Rudra that it is a fake wedding till police come there.


Anika throws water on Shivaay, he tells her to marry Vikram in anger, Anika tells Vikram to get ready for the wedding and takes Vikram with her.