Ishqbaaz 24th August 2017 Written Update Written Episode

Ishqbaaz 24th August 2017 Written Update Written Episode starts with Anika throwing water on Shivaay, Shivaay tells Anika to get married to Vikram, Anika takes Vikram with her for the wedding. Vikram shows the wedding venue to Anika, Vikram smiles, Anika gets shocked.

Some time back… the staff pleads to Anika for getting ready, Gauri brings Anika back to senses, Anika says her love is lost. Shivaay thinks he cannot fight anymore with Anika and keeps the ring near the pool. Anika feels that Shivaay cannot stop her but can see Anika getting married to someone else. Anika sees lights in the pool area, Anika runs to the pool area happily, Anika looks for the ring but cannot find it. Anika gets disheartened and cries, the ring is seen with Vikram.

Vikram says that Anika will be marrying him only. Later, Shivaay gets happy thinking Anika took the ring, he goes to meet Anika and Anika comes down in wedding attire, with tears in her eyes, Neeta Lulla greets Anika and says Shivaay chose the best outfit for Anika. Neeta Lulla wishes good luck to Anika and leaves. Anika decides to close Shivaay chapter, Shivaay comes, Anika throws water on him, Anika and Shivaay get in argument. Shivaay asks Anika why is she wearing the wedding attire, Anika says Shivaay is not ready to accept his mistake.

Shivaay gets confused and gets angry, he tells Anika to marry Vikram. Anika says she will marry Vikram as per Shivaay’s wish, Anika takes Vikram with her for wedding, Shivaay gets shocked. Pinky feels happy and taunts Omkara and Gauri. Rudra and Bhavya put wedding garlands for each other, Sultan watches, Bhavya keeps an eye on Sultan and his person. Bhavya sees the fingers of the person standing next to Sultan (who in reality is a lady), Bhavya gets shocked, Bhavya eyes the person, Bhavya tells Rudra about the small fellow behind Sulan who is the real Sultan, Bhavya hods the gun to the real Sultan. Vikram calls Ragini to check the wedding arrangements, Ragini says everything is ready. Shivaay tells Omakra and Gauri that he had left the ring near the pool still Anika went with Vikram. Gauri makes the drama of instigating Shivaay through Omkara. Sahil comes and instigates Shivaay more. Shivaay gets angry and restless. Pinky feels very happy for Anika getting amrried, Dadi sees Vikram taking wring turn and gets worried. Sultan’s man shows other men hoding gun on the brides and tells Bhavya to throw the gun Bhavya gets shocked, real Sultan drops smoke bomb, smoke engulfs the area, real Sultan runs away with fake. Bhavya chases the cars, Rudra brings auto rickshaw, Bhavya gets in and they follow. Vikram brings Anika to unknown place, Anika tells Vikram that they need to end the drama, Vikram stops Anika from talking and shows her the wedding mandap, Vikram smiles, Anika gets shocked. Shivaay becomes completely restless, Rikara keep instigating. Anika questions Vikram, he tells Anika that it is their wedding today. Anika starts getting worried and tries to leave, Vikram’s men stop Anika, Ragini comes, Anika gets shocked, Ragini says Anika can leave after wedding, Anika realizes that Ragini and Vikram are together in the plan. Anika and Ragini argue, Anika tries to call Shivaay, Ragini pushes her, Anika screams Shivaay, Shivaay senses it. Vikram breaks Anika’s phone, Shivaay realizes that Anika is in trouble, Pinky calls Shivaay and tells that Anika and Vikram are not at the wedding venue and that Vikram changed the wedding venue, Shivaay gets shocked. Shivaay tries to call Vikram, Gauri informs Bhavya to trace Anika’s location. Shivaay promises Sahil that he won’t let any harm come near Anika and leaves. Bhavya chases the real Sultan, Sulan removes gun and face Bhavya, she gets determined to kill Sultan and tells Sultan to put the gun down. Tej checks in the bunglow for someone, he sees a lady in the dark, he gets shocked to see Swetlana. She says she was waiting for Tej and that she will not let him forget Swetlana. Real Sultan suddenly fires bullets at Bhavya, Rudra saves her, Real Sultan turns out to be a lady. She laughs for deceiving everyone and thinks that soon she will meet Bhavya while Bhavya won’t even recognize her. Bhavya and Rudra look for Sultan. Swetlana tells Tej that she knows everything and that the proofs will reach the police if Tej and Jhanvi go away. Tej realizes that Swetlana killed Naren, Svetlana says Tej has no proof against her, but she has it. Swetlana shows the tablet that has video of Naren’s mother’s statement which shows Jhanvi’s ornament, Tej gets shocked.


Anika beats Vikram with her chappal, Ragini tells Anika to get married quietly, Rikara, Ruvya and Shivaay turn up as Bandwalas, Vikram tells them to leave, Shivaay beats up Vikram.