Ishqbaaz 28th November 2018 written update written episode

Gauri and Bhavya advising Anika about the first wedding night. They make Anika wear Suhag Raat special clothes that will confuse Shivaay. The servant makes Dadi’s Churan mixed red juice in the kitchen, other servant comes and tells her to go and attend Priyanka. Khanna mistakenly takes Dadi’s juice for Shivaay. OmRu make Shivaay drink the juice. Gauri and Bhavya make Anika ready. Sahil makes Shivika’s room ready. He gets attracted to Shivaay’s costly watch and thinks it wouldn’t matter if Shivaay loses one watch. Gauri calls Sahil, he hies the watch in his pocket. Gauri and Anika praise Sahil for the room decoration. Shivaay feels unwell and tries to go to the loo. Rikara and Ruvya stop him from entering the room. They demand gifts from Anika’s Mooh Dikhayi. Shivaay gives them the gifts, Rikara and Ruvya still try to stop him. Shivaay enters the room and gets mesmerized to see Anika waiting for him. Shivaay and Anika walk towards each other. Shivaay says he waited a lot.

Suddenly his stomach growls, he runs to the loo. Omkara and Gauri get intimate in their room. Gauri reveals about Anika’s complicated dress. Bhavya too tells Rudra. OmRu reveal about the energy drink to Gauri and Bhvya. Omkara and Gauri get close. Anika gives medicine to Shivaay. Rudra and Bhavya too get close. Finally Shivaay feels better, Anika takes off her jewelry and suggests that they should sleep. Shivaay feels disappointed. Anika tries to take off her complicated dress. Shivaay comes to help and gets entagled with Anika. Shivika come close and get intimate. Shivaay and Anika consummate the marriage. Nani and Dadi have fun over Shammi Kapoor song. Nani says she is very happy and wants to celebrate. Dadi encourages her. Both sing and dance together. They make plans of Priyanka’s wedding.


Dadi gets happy to see everyone happy and smiling. Shivaay wonders where Priyanka is. All get shocked as Priyanka comes with Rajeev holding hands.