Ishqbaaz 29th November 2018 written update written episode

Anika working in the kitchen and Sahil helping her out. Anika sees Shivaay’s watch in Sahil’s wrist, he gets shocked as she confronts him. Sahil lies that Shivaay gifted him. He makes up story and sneaks away. Gauri and Bhavya tell Dadi that Anika wants to prepare everything on her own for her Rasoi ritual. Gauri asks the menu to Sahil, he reveals Anika made Khichdi for Shivaay as his stomach is upset. OmRu think it must be because of their Energy drink. Dadi and Nani confront OmRu and later Khanna. He reveals about the red colored juice, Dadi reveals that it had Jamalgota (her medicine). Shivaay gets shocked, OmRu run as Shivaay rushes to catch them. OmRu apologize, all laugh. Dadi scolds OmRu, all laugh together. Shivaay wonders where Priyanka is, she calls out. All get shocked to see Priyanka in the Oberoi Mansion, holding hands with Rajiv. Shivaay questions her, Priyanka reveals that Rajiv and she want to marry each other, all get shocked. Shivaay starts scolding Priyanka about Rajiv and questions her about him. Rajiv reveals that he works in a call center as Customer Support Representative, Shivaay Omkara and Rudra get angry, Rudra says Rajiv a gold digger. Priyanka starts confronting ShivOmRu and asks if Anika, Bhavya and Gauri too are gold diggers. Dadi gets angry with Priyanka for behaving rude. Priyanka gets angry on Omkara and Rudra for interfering in her personal life despite not being her real brothers. Shivaay gets furious, Dadi slaps Priyanka, Omkara stops Rajiv from holding Priyanka. Priyanka says she could have run away with Rajiv but thought her family would understand her. But she was wrong. Priyanka points out that Shivaay asked none before getting married, not even Anika. Shivaay screams at Priyanka and tells Khanna to get Rajiv out of Oberoi Mansion. Priyanka runs to her room and cries bitterly. Shivaay feels guilty for not paying attention to Anika.

Khanna gets audit file report for Shivaay to check, Shivaay says later, Sahil asks if he can check it, Anika snubs him. Sahil says he wants to help Shivaay being a commerce student. Priyanka breaks things in her room, all run to her room. Priyanka hurts herself. Priyanka warns everyone to stay away from her else she would kill herself. Shivaay says even if they believe that Rajiv loves Priyanka, will he be able to provide for Priyanka the way she is used to. Priyanka says she anyway is not happy. She says in the last five years no one paid attention to her, nobody cared. Only Rajiv understood her and her pain. Rajiv calls Priyanka, she looks at Shivaay and keeps the phone away. Priyanka asks everyone why are they so bothered now. Priyanka tells everyone to go away and leave her alone. Everyone leaves feeling bad. Anika sees Sahil grooving on loud music in his room, she sees his expensive headphones, Sahil lies that Shivaay gifted him. Anika gets annoyed, Sahil tells Anika not to ask Shivaay about it as he is already stressed. Sahil says he is making audit reports for Shivaay. Shivaay is seen restless over Priyanka, he breaks the case, Anika picks up the pieces. Shivaay apologizes to her. Shivaay feels guilty towards Priyanka, Anika feels sad. He apologizes to Anika, she consoles him. Gauri and Bhavya get worried about Priyanka and prepare food for her. OmRu help them. Gauri and Bhavya get shocked to see Priyanka packing her bag, Anika tries to stop her. Anika tries to calm her, Priyanka defends herself and Rajiv and cries. Anika tries to feed Priyanka, she throws the morsel. ShivOmRu see it, Shivaay says if Priyanka is behaving this way for Rajiv then he is not suitable for her. Priyanka defends Rajiv.


Shivaay tells a detective to get rajiv’s information, Anika tells Shivaay that they should meet Rajiv atleast once. Shivaay agrees.