Ishqbaaz 31st August 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Dadi worrying about Shivaay. Jhanvi comes and says Anika is leaving and worries about Anika’s condition. Dadi reveals she asked Anika to leave and since Shivaay has not accepted Anika as wife, there is no reason to give any explanation to Shviaay. Dadi refuses to accept Anika.Anika and Gauri leave the Oberoi Mansion, Anika gets stumbled upon a stone, Shivaay suddenly regains consciousness and asks about Anika. Dadi asks Shivaay to rest and not to worry about Anika. Shivaay wants to see Anika. Dadi scolds Shivaay, Tej tells Shivaay to listen to Dadi. Priyanka tells Shivaay that Anika has left Oberoi Mansion. Shivaay gets shocked. Anika feels weak, Gauri goes to get a rickshaw. Shivaay gets up from the bed and refuses to listen to Dadi and Tej. Anika feels sad that she could not see Shivaay before leaving, suddenly the rickshaw gets blocked by Shivaay’s car. Anika gets shocked to see Shivaay, he tells Anika to come to Oberoi Mansion. She refuses, Shivaay asks Anika if she is not bothered, she says she is, Shivaay makes Anika and Gauri sit in the car and takes them to Oberoi Mansion. Dadi gets upset for Shivaay not listening to her, Tej puts the blame on Anika saying Shivaay is in Anika’s control. Tej instigates Dadi against Anika. Dadi feels Shivaay will not go against her decision. Shivaay enters with Anika and Gauri, Dadi gets shocked and angry. Shivaay tells Anika to go to the room. Anika apologizes to Dadi, Dadi turns away from Anika.

Priyanka takes them to the room. Dadi confronts Shiaay asking if he is her Billu or Anika’s Shivaay. Shivaay apologizes to Dadi and says he had to fulfill his duty. He was trying to correct his mistake. Shivaay tells Dadi that she did not accept Anika as Shivaay did not accept her, he asks Dadi to change her perspective towards Anika and she will like her. Dadi says however good Anika maybe she is not suitable for Shivaay and asks Shivaay to throw Anika out of the Oberoi Mansion. Shivaay refuses to do that. Jhanvi supports Shivaay and asks Dadi to accept Anika. Jhavi tells Shivaay to be patient and to rest. Shivaay comes to the room, Anika looks after his wounds. Shivaay asks Anika why did she leave, Anika says she had no right to stay as because of her problems cropped up in Shivaay’s life. Shivaay says because of him Daksh tried to kill her. Anika says but Shivaay saved her. Shivaay says both saved each others’ lives, can they move forward now. Anika says Shivaay feels their paths are different, how will they move forward. Shivaay says it is better to go separate ways if the same path may turn troublesome. Anika says she has accepted that Shivaay is her husband and does Shivaay think of her as his wife. Shivaay stays speechless. Shivaay says he has no faith in love, marriage and relationships. He says Anika deserves a better life and marriage which Shivaay cannot give her. Shivaay tells her not to have any expectation from him. Shivaay says he can never love anyone. Anika asks why did bring her back, Shivaay says because she is his friend. Anika asks can Shivaay risk his life for a friend. Shivaay says for her he can risk his life and even take someone’s life. Shivaay says Anika’s happiness matters to him but he doesn’t want her to be in trouble and hence not to have any expectation from him. Shivaay says they are only friends. Anika says she will continue to be his wife, and soon she will make a way to his heart. Anika says one day Shivaay will accept the marriage and she will wait for that day. Shivaay goes to get something for Anika to eat.


A new couple (Zain Imam and Mandana Karimi) enter Oberoi Mansion.