Ishqbaaz 3rd December 2018 written update written episode

Shivika, Rikara and Ruvya thinking of ways to stop Priyanka’s wedding. Shivaay thinks if they can prove Rajiv is not a nice man Priyanka may not marry him. Shivaay calls someone to check about Rajiv, he shockingly says the name, Jay Kothari. Anika questions him about Jay, Shivaay reveals Jay is his biggest business rival. Flashback shows, Jay arguing with Shivaay for not marrying his sister for florishing the business. Jay Kothari is seen angry with Shivaay. Shivaay tells Anika that it is motive of Jay to make Shivaay’s busienss suffer. Shivaay feels Jay will not help them. Shivaay goes to meet Jay. Shivaay seeks Rajiv Kashyap’s information from Jay. Rituals of Priyanka’s wedding start, Anika tries to stop her. Priyanka stays adamant. Jay reveals that Rajiv sifened 20 crores from his company and Police is on the lookout for him. Jay agress to give proof to Shivaay against Rajiv for Priyanka’s sake. He tells Shivaay that Police will soon reach to arrest Rajiv.

Priyanka’s pehras start. Suddenly media reaches there and questions Omkara and Rudra about Priyanka’s wedding. Shivaay comes and shuns them off. Shivaay declares that Priyanka’s wedding cannot take place and he throws the bottle of posion away. Jay comes with police to get Rajiv arrested for the fraud with Kotahri company. Rajiv runs away leaving the wedding. Priyanka gets shattered, media questions her. Shivaay screams at them. But media continues, Jay scolds the media. Jay apologizes to Shivaay for all the Rajiv situation. Jay proposes to marry Priyanka, all get shocked. Jay asks Shivaay’s permission to speak to Priyaka in private. Jay apologizes to Priyanka and promises to keep her happy forever. Jay promises her that he will not even touch till she accepts him. Jay leaves the decision to Priyanka. Shivika, Rikara and Ruvya decide to leave the decision to Priyanka. Nani praises Jay, so does Dadi. Priyanka decides to marry Jay. Jay assures Shivaay that he will always keep Priyanka happy, Shivaay gives her hand in Jay’s, all get happy. Priyanka and Jay get married in the temple. Oberois get emotional. Oberois bless them. Jay gets a call, he meets Rajiv secretly. Rajiv commends Jay on his masterplan and aks for his reward. It turns out to be all Jay’s plan. Jay gives money to Rajiv. Rajiv asks Jay about his next plan, Jay says destruction of Shivaay.


Jay tells Priyanka that no one will do her Grahpravesh and tells her to come inside. Priyanka gets shocked and lies to Shivaay that Jay is very nice and is looking after her.