Ishqbaaz 5th November 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Shivaay happily greeting Nani, Anika touches her feet. Nani gets shocked to hear about Anika being Shivaay’s wife, she questions Shivaay. Nani refrains Anika from talking and reveals that she had promised Girdhar that if he has a granddaughter, she will get Shivaay married to her. Anika remains shocked to know that Shivaay’s wedding was fixed in childhood. Nani reprimands Dadi for leaving Shivaay alone and scolds all. Nani declares that Shivaay will marry Twinkle. Twinkle enters Oberoi Mansion and greets everyone. Twinkle takes blessings of Nani and Dadi. Twinkle talks happily to Shivaay and says that no one seems to be looking after Shivaay. She decides to make a special tea for everyone. Gauri insists Shivaay to tell Nani that Anika is his wife. Shivaay tells Dadi that he and Anika are married but he has never accepted Anika as his wife. Anika gets shattered and cries. Anika starts packing her bag, Shivaay says she can shift to another flat that he has bought for her. Anika reveals she is packing Shivaay’s clothes, Shivaay and Anika get into argument. Anika feels that it is setting of Nani and Shivaay to get rid of Anika. He gets annoyed, Anika goes out of room. Twinkle comes addressing Shivaay as ‘Bhaiya’, Shivaay reminds her of their drama. Twinkle praises Anika and Shivika pair, Shivaay gets irritated. Shivaay comes to meet Nani and hugs her. Nani gets emotional, Shivaay shares his pain of trying to push Anika away. Shivaay complains about Twinkle, Nani says she couldn’t get anyone else. Priyanka comes to meet Nani.

Rudra scolds a man for coming to Oberoi Mansion. The man demands money, the man warns him. Rudra gets worried. Priyanka greets Nani happily. Nani scolds Priyanka for leaving Shivaay alone. Priyanka leaves without a word. Nani tells Shivaay to think once before pushing Anika away, Shivaay remains firm on his decision. Nani agrees to help him. Rudra asks Shivaay for 50 lacs, he claims the money to be his right, Shivaay tells him to give the details. Rudra starts instigating Shivaay about the murder, Shivaay and Rudra get in a fight. Shivaay refuses to give money to Rudra, the family gathers. Anika tries to calm Shivaay, Rudra gets furious, Omkara sends Rudra back to his room. Shivaay and Rudra walk away from each other. Later, Dadi questions Nani for coming to Oberoi Mansion after so many years, Nani says she has come for Shivaay. Nani confronts Dadi for leaving Shivaay alone. Nani says why she never thought about the reason behind Shivaay’s actions. Nani praises Anika, Anika overhears it. Nani gets shocked and changes her tone towards her and refuses to accept Anika as Shivaay’s wife. Oberoi family gather around her and checks about Diwali. Roop makes the emotional drama over the broken house. Shivaay holds Dadi’s hand and asks Dadi if she wants her grandsons to have separate Diwali. Nani says when needed, Dadi never speaks up. Dadi defends her anger and says she has lost her two sons and no one can understand her pain. Nani says she too has lost her daughter but one can’t die with the dead. Nani tells Dadi to let go of the past. Nani advises to at least celebrate Diwali to hold the family together.


Shivaay gets annoyed as Anika hits with cushion, Anika and Shivaay get in pillow fight