Ishqbaaz 6th November 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Nani advises Nani to have the family united on the occasion of Diwali. Dadi cries and says she wants everyone to celebrate Diwali together. Rudra gets annoyed and walks off, Shivaay stops him, Shivaay extends a hand to Omkara, Om extends his hand, Shivaay promises to make Diwali memorable by forgetting the bitterness for at least a day. In the bedroom, Anika hugs Shivaay and praises him. They argue over Twinkle. Anika asks Shivaay about his attire for Diwali so that she can match her attire with Shivaay. He says he is going for shopping with Twinkle. Anika throws a pillow at him, Shivaay gets annoyed. Both get into the pillow fight. The feathers fly around them, both laugh and fall on the bed. Shivaay takes off a heather stuck in Anika’s hair, she tries to get away, he pulls her close, suddenly Twinkle comes there and says how cute, Shivaay tries to correct Twinkle. She says she called Shivaay cute, Shivaay takes her out for shopping. Anika suggests Shivaay to take Twinkle to Juhu, Twinkle asks Anika also to join. Anika laughs at Shivaay. Later, Anika asks a servant to take Shivaay’s polished shoes to him in a tray.

Ishqbaaz 6th November 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Gauri gets confused, Anika takes her along. Rudra stops the servant and tells him to get the charger. Rudra adds ash in Shivaay’s shoes. Shivaay feels odd and checks the shoes, he gets shocked to see the ash and panics. Rudra watches him, Shivaay wonders if he is becoming crazy. Omkara comes and gets shocked to see the ash. Shivaay gets a big relief to know that Omkara can see the ash. He hugs Omkara. Omkara feels weird. As Rudra is leaving, Bhavya asks him to go with her for Diwali shopping, Rudra snubs her. Bhavya tells Anika about Rudra’s weird behavior. Shivaay wonders who is trying to prove him mad. Goons hit on Rudra’s head and kidnap him. Khanna comes running and informs everyone that Rudra is kidnapped. All get shocked. Bhavya talks to the police. Anika and Gauri look after Dadi. Shivaay checks parking area CCTV footage and sees the goons. He sees the man who had visited Oberoi Mansion earlier.Shivaay tells Khanna to find out about the man and tells Omkara about weird money transactions in Rudra’s bank account. They realize that Rudra owed money to someone. Omkara reveals that he had no clue about Rudra’s friends’ circle nor about transactions as Rudra never shared anything. Anika asks Bhavya if she found Rudra’s behavior weird, Bhavya reveals that while watching cricket match, Rudra used to talk a lot on the phone, discussing players. Bhavya doubts that Rudra might be involved in baiting. Omkara, Shivaay adn all get shocked. Shivaay connects the dots, Shivaay asks Bhavya to get information from her sources about the man who had come to meet Rudra. In the morning, Gauri calls Omkara and Shivaay as Dadi gets unconscious.


Shivaay promises Dadi of getting back Rudra, Dadi cries as onset of Diwali, Rudra is missing.