Ishqbaaz 8th August 2017 Written Update Written Episode

Ishqbaaz 8th August 2017 Written Update Written EpisodeShivaay telling Anika to confess the truth, Anika says she is ok with the wedding. Gauri throws the toffee to the mirror in her special style, Omkara catches it in his mouth.

Some time back… Shivaay sees Anika and thinks that Anika must be afraid and will tell him the truth. Anika argues with Shivaay for fixing her wedding with Vikram within 2 weeks. Shivaay reminds Anika that she has started the entire issue, he is only arranging the wedding. Anika asks if Shivaay is getting bothered, Shivaay says he will not stop the wedding unless Anika says it. Anika says she wants to hear that he is getting bothered, Shivaay says he wants to see how Anika is going to get married to someone else.

Anika says she will get married. Shivaay and Anika keep arguing, Anika remains adamant, Shivaay remains stiff. Anika tells Shivaay to get prepared for her wedding. Gauri remembers Omkara, Omkara waits for Gauri’s call, Rudra calls Omkara, Om gets irritated. Shivaay and Omkara beat up Rudra for his stupid idea. Later Anika sees Shivaay all ruffled up and gets concerned. Anika stops herself from correcting Shivaay’s hair, Shivaay holds Anika’s hand, Anika says Shivaay has no right to hold her hand, both again argue over Anika’s wedding drama.

Anika comes in the room and cries over the entire fake drama. Bhavya tries to console her and Shivaay is upset and jealous, and he is acting on impulse. Shivaay is making drama. Shivaay gets furious and decides to push Anika to the point where Anika will confess everything herself. Anika finds herself in a dilemma. Omkara and Rudra decide to do something to unite Shivika. Rudra calls Gauri back to Oberoi Mansion to stop Anika’s wedding. Bhavya tries to search for a clue, Rudra offers help, Bhavya refuses as she doesn’t want Rudra to be in problem. Rudra asks Bhavya if she has a problem with him, Bhavya says she prefers to be alone rather than being dependent. Later, Rudra gets coffee for Bhavya, both talk about their girlfriends and boyfriends.  Bhavya boasts about being elder to him and more experienced, both come close. Next day morning, Anika gets restless remembering Bhavya’s words and hopes that Shivaay would soon call off the drama. Ragini comes to Anika’s room with dress and jewelry for Anika to wear in Anika and Vikram’s engagement. Anika gets shocked, Ragini taunts Anika and offers help, Anika closes the door. Dadi tells Pinky to speak to Shivaay to stop the drama. Pinky refuses and feels happy that Shivaay is getting Anika married. Dadi tells Omkara to stop Shivaay, Omkara gets shocked to know about Anika and Vikram’s upcoming engagement and decides to stop it. Omkara gets annoyed with Rudra for creating the whole ruckus, Omkara decides to tell the truth to Shivaay, Rudra stops him and says he has called the problem fixer. Anika gets emotional hoping that Shivaay would come and tell her to not marry Vikram. Pinky comes to Anika and taunts her about getting married again. Pinky says Anika can do anything for money and says that Anika never loved Shivaay. Anika says Pinky only loves her own self. Pinky reminds Anika that she is getting married to Vikram, Anika says she loves Shivaay and will love him forever, Pinky gets shocked. Anika shows the door to Pinky, Pinky leaves in anger. Commissioner calls Bhavya to get ready for a big mission to catch Sultan. Omkara gets irritated waiting for Gauri’s call, Omkara sees a pouch that has a toffee, he throws on the mirror and suddenly sees Gauri behind. Omkara gets happy, Gauri throws the toffee on the mirror, it goes back in Omkara’s mouth. Gauri says she is back as Rudra insisted. Gauri says she is back only as the daughter in law of Oberoi family and nothing else. Omkara feels hurt. Commissioner tells Bhavya to stay back in Oberoi Mansion as Sultan is after her life. Security informs Bhavya that Shivaay took her car and left. Shivaay drives the car. Rudra feels happy to see Gauri back for the mission of stopping Shivaay and Anika’s drama. Gauri and Rudra decide to stop the engagement. Sultan’s man points a gun at Shivaay thinking Bhavya is driving the car.


News channel talks about Car blast and the death of the driver, Oberoi family watches with worry. Bhavya says it is her car and says Shivaay was driving her car, all get shocked. Anika cries.