Ishqbaaz 9th August 2017 Written Update Written Episode

Ishqbaaz 9th August 2017 Written Update Written Episode


Ishqbaaz 9th August 2017 Written Update Written Episode starts with Anika telling Dadi about the sorrows of her relationship with Shivaay. Sahil questions about Shivaay and looks for him. Some time back… A car has a blast. Shivaay drives car, some one points gun at his car.

The gunshot is fired, the car gets blasted, Anika gets scared with worry and calls Shivaay’s name. Anika runs screaming Shivaay’s name, Omkara stops her, Anika tells Omkara to find about Shivaay, Omkara cannot get through Shivaay’s phone. Rudra cannot get through Shivaay’s phone, Dadi gets worried. Pinky and Ragini plan about Anika’s engagement. Rudra and Omkara argue with Pinky. News reporter gives the news of Car blast, Bhavya gets shocked and says it is her car and that Shivaay had taken her car.

Everyone gets shocked, Anika breaks down and runs towards the door, Omkara and Rudra stop her. Pinky accuses and blames Anika for Shivaay’s situation. Pinky tries to throw Anika out, Omkara stops Pinky. Shakti tells Pinky to stop and asks Omkara and Rudra to find about Shivaay. Pinky keeps harping against Anika, Anika breaks down and cries and says nothing will happen to Shivaay. Omkara, Rudra and Gauri console Anika. Bhavya gets a big shock and realizes that Sultan attacked her car.

Bhavya remembers her family’s death, Bhavya cries bitterly. Dadi consoles Anika, Anika feels responsible for Shivaay’s condition. Dadi tells Anika that Shivka are made for each other. Anika says everything goes wrong with Shivika whenever something goes right. Omkara tells Anika that Shivaay was not in the car during the blast. Omkara gives Shivaay’s phone to Anika as he had forgotten it home. Anika worries that Shivaay has not called. Sahil enters, Anika hugs him, Anika and everyone hides about Shivaay. Sahil asks about Shivaay and goes to look for him. Omkara and Rudra tell Anika to hide about Shivaay. Rudra tells Sahil that Shivaay is in office, Sahil says he wants to talk to Shivaay immediately and reminds Oberoi brothers that it is Rakshabandhan. OmRu get emotional remembering their Rakhi with Shivaay. Anika changes the topic. Omkara consoles Rudra and tells him that Shivaay is fine. Svetlana locks herself in the cupboard, Jhanvi opens, Svetlana screams. Svetlana wonders why is Tej troubling her. Sahil tells Gauri that everyone is hiding something from him, Gauri denies. Gauri says everyone is preparing for Rakhi celebrations secretly, Sahil gets excited. Omkara tells Anika that Commissioner has sent a search team to look for Shivaay. Anika asks Rudra about Bhavya, Rudra says he cannot find her. Anika feels guilty for Shivaay. Gauri comes and tells Anika to have faith. Guri tells Anika that Sahil is waiting for Rakhi and tells everyone to behave normally. Rudra goes to look for Bhavya. Jhanvi brings a tantric, she checks the room. Tantric says a murder took place there, Tantric says Tej’s spirit is there and it will tell what it wants. Jhanvi smiles at Tantric. Rudra looks for Bhavya. Tej scares Svetlana. Anika brings Rakhi, Sahil asks about Shivaay. Omkara and Rudra cover up for Shivaay. Omkara and Rudra remember Shivaay. Anika remembers Shivaay and gets emotional. Anika ties Rakhi to Sahil. Gauri gets gifts for Sahil. Gauri tells Rudra to click snaps. Svetlana runs in fear, Tej locks her in a room. Svetlana asks Tej what he wants. Lights blow saying ‘SAB KUCH’

Precap: Anika cries thinking about Shivaay, Gauri hugs Anika, Dadi consoles Anika