Ishqbaaz 9th November 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Shivaay feels sad to witness Gauri consoling upset Anika. Suddenly the decorative wall is about to fall on Shivaay, Rudra stops it and saves Shivaay. Omkara helps Rudra. Shivaay says Thanks to Rudra, Rudra asks him to be careful. Rudra tells Bhavya that he wants to thank Shivaay for saving his life but he is not able to. Bhavya says it is fine, sometimes feeling is more important than saying it and Shivaay must have understood his feelings. Bhavya asks him to be her original Rudra, Roop gets annoyed. Nani gives Diwali gifts to ShivOmRu and Priyanka. Nani calls Twinkle to light up Diya with Shivaay. Gauri stops Anika from walking away. Nani tells Anika to stay. Anika feels shattered to see Twinkle and Shivaay together. Shivaay gets upset to see Anika’s tears and says he can’t do it giving the excuse of allergy of oil. Anika’s dupatta catches fire, Shivaay screams and hurriedly puts it off, all get shocked. While putting off the fire, the Diya lights up. Shivaay and Anika look at each other, Bhavya and Gauri ask Shivaay to treat it as a sign from God.

Rikara and Ruvyado the Puja, Shivaay stops Anika from leaving and does the Puja with Anika. Dadi feels happy. Shivaay feels he will not get weak again and will turn stubborn against Anika. Dadi instructs them about the Puja. Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra do the Aarti together. They feed prasad to each other. Roop gets annoyed with Rudra and reminds him of Shivaay being Tej’s murderer. Rudra tells her because of Shivaay he is alive today. Rudra refrains her from talking ill. Nani tells all about Teen Patti and the traditions. Dadi and Nani argue and decide to compete. All play Teen Patti. Everyone shows the cards except Dadi and Nani. Dadi shows Three King cards, everyone cheers for Dadi. Then Nani shows her cards, which turn out to be Three As. Nani wins, Dadi makes faces. Nani tells Dadi to dance on Shammi Kapoor song. Everyone encourages Dadi. Dadi dances, Nani and everyone joins her. Rudra stops seeing Shivaay, apologizes to him and says Thanks. Shivaay hugs Rudra, both cry. ShivOmRu hug. Dadi and Nani feel happy and emotional. Roop gets angry and decides to do something.


Shivaay tells Anika not to force him, he tells her to leave as he is marrying Twinkle. Anika challenges to announce the news in the press conference, Shivaay decides to call the press conference to declare his wedding with Twinkle. Anika gets shocked.