Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 10th August written episode written update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 10th August written episode written update


Advay gives Chandni their wedding invitation card and she gets pissed and tries to leaves but Advay comes near her, she says not to touch her, Advay says that by the end of the day she will ask him to touch her.

PP dances on a vulgar song and everybody is ambarrosed. FB Advay and Murli gives PP bhang ladoo FB over. PP faints and Indrani asks who did it. Shakun says that she saw PP eating ladoo. Indrani asks who made them, Kajol says it was Shikha. Chandni goes to blame herself but Advay says that he offered it to them and hes guilty. Mickoo comes there and takes the blame on himself saying he added bhang in the ladoo. Advay goes ti mickoo and says good to see that he has the guts to confess, when they both part ways they call each other liars and know why they did what they did.

Shikha confesses to Mickoo that she added the bhang and says thank you and leaves, Mickoo thinks she’s impressed but Shikha has other plans for Mickoo. Indrani explains this rasam and says that the boy has to carry the girl and walk. PP is too drunk, Indrani gives Chandni the dia. Advay injects PP and he faints. Advay volunteers to do the rasam when Indrani and Shakun say that it a very big omen as Chandni has held the diya. Chandnis dad comes there and says that Advay is right and Chandni gets emotional when her father takes her name, Advay asks for Chandnis permission to touch her.

She says yes for the sake of her father. Advay lifts her up.

Precap: Chandni says its not easy to touch her. Chandni says it will be very painful to complete the walk. Advay says that even pain given by you is a gift and hell cherish it. ( Theres blood on his feet)