Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 11th August 2017 written episode written update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 11th August 2017 written episode written update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 11th August 2017 written episode written update starts with Advay carries Chandni and starts walking and feels a sharp pain in his feel, he says that her pain is also a gift to him, he takes her till the ganesh murti. Chandni looks at his bloody foot steps and Advay says that it hurts to come near her.

Advay goes near Murli and catches his collar and his nani comes in and tells him to stop stop doing it. Shes blind and Advay tells her that he missed her and he says why she came here, she says she missed him. She says to come back with her and she know why hes come here, to burn everyone and she says that he’ll have to burn in order to burn them and she cant let that happen. He says that he has to destroy Chandni, she says that maybe Chandni has a different side to her truth.

He says that till he doesn’t get his revenge he will not distribute his parents ashes in the river. They both cry and she says that don’t take this revenge, he says if he doesn’t then how will he show his face to his parents. Chandni cliuthes Devs stone and says that not a day has passed when she hasn’t missed him. Her mamu asks if shes missing Dev and she tells him that Dev didn’t even think what whould happen to her if he left.

She recalls that when she was leaving for Banaras he told her that when she returns back they would do a lot of things togetget but when she returned Dev and his family had left. She never thought of getting married to anyone else but Dev, she always thought that would never separate. Chandni and Advay save the diya from blowing off. She tells him that she thought that he wanted to see it blow off. Chandni gets him medicine for his wounds. He says that medicine and prayers given by liars have no effect. Chandni asks what lie have I told him and why he keeps taunting her, she sys that don’t go after her and her family as they are practically strangers. She says that they are very simple people and they have never caused harm to anybody. He remembers what happened 16 years ago and asks “really”. She tells him to forget all the hate between them and gives him the medicine. He throws he bowl and tells her that for her its just a zid but for him its his zunoon. She tells him again that her parents have never done anything bad, this annoys Advay and he tells her how can she lie to herself. He tells her ro just listenand says that this relation will break and even your familys pride will break and will be humiliated. He will do as he says. in the morning, Indrani tells Chandni to come down because he wants to see her childhood videos. Advay asks Shilpa if she finished doing what he told her to do, she says yes. Murli tells Shilpa that Advays nani has come to meet him. Shilpa puts the CD in and Chandni is riding the bike and suddenly Shakun and Kajols husband romancing video comes on. Everybody is shocked.

Precap: PPs mom curses the family and says that if the girls’ masi is this of this kind then how will the girl be. PPs mom breaks the relations and leaves.