Jiji Maa 24th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Falguni, Suyash, Niyati & Vidhaan entering home. The three ladies wanted answers for why they locked them up. Falguni tells everything to them. They praise Falguni for being a selfless wife.
Falguni & Niyati say thanks to god for saving Suyash. Egoistic Suyash Rawat still doesn’t appreciate Falguni’s efforts in saving his life.
Ladoo makes him realise and insists Suyash for saying thanks to Falguni. Ladoo asks about Falguni’s favourite dish from Suyash. Suyash deliberately answers it & Falguni gets happy.
Suyash makes barbeque paneer tikka and aloo parantha for Falguni as saying thanks to her.
Ladoo guides Suyash while he prepares food.
On the contrary, Abhishek threatens Devraj for doing something regarding Suyash else Devraj need to return Abhishek’s money.
The food was delicious and however, Suyash wants to move back to Rawat mansion. No one is happy after his decision.
Niayti and Vidhaan reward some gifts to Ladoo for making Falguni & Suyash happy. Falguni is upset on Suyash’s decision.