Karn Sangini 10th December 2018 written episode written update

Karn. He arrives at Urvi’s swaymvar. Urvi rushes to marry him.
The King and Queen get annoyed to see their daughter Urvi marrying a low caste common man. The king bashes Urvi and curses her.
Karn couldn’t see Urvi getting mistreated by her father. He talks to the Queen and promises her that he will give all facility to Urvi and would never make her suffer.

The Queen insults Karn and asks him to leave.
Shattered Urvi return with Karn. Urvi’s favorite Surili accompanies them.
Karn takes Urvi to the shelter. They both share their choices and lifestyle. Urvi soon falls asleep. Karn watches her sleeping. He promises her that he would always fulfill all her desires.
The written update of KarnSangini episode story ends.
Karn Sangini upcoming Episode: Karn gives up all facilities of a royalty, and so does Urvi.