Karn Sangini 14th February 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Urvi and Karn. Urvi reveals about her nightmare. Karn ignores her warning and leaves. Urvi decides to follow him.
Karn’s chariot stops in the middle of the road. Karn finds an old man standing. He gets down from his chariot and asks him about his distress. The old man asks Karn’s armor and earning.
Karn realized that Urvi was talking about the same danger. The old man comes in his actual form. The man is none other than Indra dev (Arjun’s father). Karn gives his armor and earning.
Urvi reaches the place too. She bashes Indra dev and Pandavs for their vile conspiracy against Karn.
Indra Dev feels ashamed. He calls Karn as the biggest giver. He asks Karn to take anything in return. Karn denies.
Urvi infuriated in anger asks Indra to give something equally powerful to Karn. Indra dev gives him brahmastra.
Arjun practices archery. Kunti appreciates Arjun for his excellent shot. Arjun tells Kunti that his excellent shot will be accomplished with Karn’s death.
Kunti and Arjun hear Indra dev is coming.
Precap: Radha banishes Karn to participate in the war. Arjun arrives at Urvi’s palace.