Karn Sangini 15th November 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Guru Dronacharya announces that all the princes have completed their training. Nakul pleads Guru Dronacharya to ask his gurudakshina.
Guru Dronacharya asks them to defeat Panchal and destroy his kingdom for him. He demands vengeance in gurudakshina.
Today’s episode starts with Kunti who is sharing her excitement with Urvi about the first battle their sons have taken up. Urvi shows her confidence in Pandavas and their victory.
Urvi finds a strange vessel in Kunti’s room. She questions about the same. Kunti tells her that she used the same vessel to calm down Bheem as he was a very angry child. Urvi

took the vessel to keep in Karn’s room.
While Urvi tries the same, Bhanumati catches her red-handed.
Karn returns to his room. He finds Urvi and Bhanumati standing outside. He tries to enquire their purpose but they return. Karn smells some different scent in his room, he gets skeptical.
Pandav and Kaurav are planning to attack Panchal. While both the groups are having creative differences, Guru Dronacharya enters. He punishes Pandavas’ and allows Kaurav’s to attack first.
Bhanumati wants to know about Urvi’s feelings for Karn. She invites Karn for playing Chausar. The episode ends.
Precap: Bhanumati finds a spark between Urvi and Karn.