Karn Sangini 16th November 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Today episode starts with Urvi and Bhanumati. They invite Karn to play chausar with them. While they are playing the game, Bhanumati tricks and questions Karn about his most favorite person in the

world. Urvi stops her and asks Karn to continue the game.
Further, a servant informs Karn that his father is severely sick. Bhanumati orders to send Raj Vaidhya to check Karn’s father but the servant informs that the Raj Vaidhya has left for some urgent work.
Urvi leaves with Karn to check on his father. She treats him. Karn bestows his gratitude to Urvi for helping his father.
Bhanumati gets stunned to see Urvi worrying for Karn.
Shakuni confirms from Bhanumati about Karn and Urvi’s affair. She replies that she is still skeptical but once she finds the truth, she will report it to him. The episode ends.
Precap: Shakuni informs Bhanumati that Kunti will soon declare Urvi and Arjun’s marriage alliance. Queen of Pukhya insults Karn.