Karn Sangini 17th December 2018 written update written episode

Guards put her down and leave. Karn, Radha and their relatives are astounded to see Urvi in chains. One of Karn’s Aunts finds Urvi with chapattis. She accuses Urvi of disrespecting food and moreover his mother-in-law.
Karn asks them to leave. He confronts Urvi and leaves angrily. Urvi gets very emotional.
Next morning, Karn gets up and finds Urvi sleeping. He gets lost in her beauty. Further, he leaves for archery practice.
Radha sents Urvi’s expensive clothes and jewelry back to Pukhya.

Karn’s aunt asks Radha to wake up Urvi. After waiting for a while, Radha wakes her up. Urvi is still accustomed to the lifestyle of a princess. She calls for a servant. To which Surili shows up.
Radha refuses to take Surili’s help and but offers herself. Karn’s aunts mock Radha on the same.
Urvi decides to help herself. Radha takes her to the river. Urvi gets puzzled.
Precap: Urvi finds difficulty to bath in the river. Urvi’s clothes go missing.