Karn Sangini 18th December 2018 written update written episode

Urvi struggling at the public bath.
In the last episode on Karn Sangini, Radha takes Urvi for a public bath.
Ladies who are there for a bath too are amazed to see Urvi.
A Little girl comes to Urvi and enquires about her name. Urvi tells that she is the queen. The girl seeks permission to touch her. Urvi allows. The girl says that Urvi is so soft, but if she would bath with us then she will become like them.
Urvi starts taking a bath. Meanwhile, he clothes fly with the wind.
Here, Karn’s father makes him realize about Urvi’s sacrifice and efforts.

Karn feels guilty.
Urvi starts looking for her clothes, couldn’t find them. She spots few men approaching for the bath.
Karn finds Urvi clothes. He rushes for Urvi.
Karn comes on time and makes Urvi wear clothes. They both apologize for their mistake.
Karn’s aunties announce Urvi’s first kitchen day. Urvi gets distressed.
Precap : Radha sends Urvi to the market for purchasing the ingredients for her first kitchen day. Urvi gets robbed.