Karn Sangini 1st January 2019 Written Update Written Episode

Karn attending the issue of the court. Rajguru discloses the traits of the monster. He says that the monster comes out in open only when he smells some young bride.
Karn asks any one of the brides to participate and help him defeat the monster, but no one agrees.
Urvi comes in Karn’s help. She proposes to participate in the hunt. Karn gets worried.
Karn and Urvi finally get ready for the monster hunt.
Radha gets excited as she knows that Karn will definitely defeat the monster, but the hunt will bring Urvi and Karn closer.

Karn’s Aunts somehow have informed Urvi’s mother. She comes running to save Urvi for the fatal hunt.
Before Urvi’s mother could stop Urvi, Radha helps Karn and Urvi to move out from another door.
Karn and Urvi move around the jungle to find the monster. They even get into a fight about the way.