Karn Sangini 20th November 2018 written update written episode

Today Episode Starts With Urvi continuously praying for Pandav’s victory.
Karn learns about Kaurav’s defeat. He decides to help Duryodhan. Bheeshm Pitahmah instructs Karn to keep a hold on his emotions as he believes on Pandav and knows that they will surely win.
Pandav planned to defeat Panchal’s king in a wrestling match, but King Panchal tricks them and invites Arjun for the match. Pandav felt cheated as they wanted Bheem to encounter King Panchal.
Surprisingly, Arjun defeats King Panchal in the wrestling match. Miffed by his defeat, King Panchal tries to attack Arjun from behind but gets shot

by an arrow. Arjun makes King Panchal bow to Guru Dronacharya.
Kunti and Urvi learn about Arjun’s valiant act. They plan to celebrate Diwali with pomp and show. Bhanumati gets irritated to see everyone happy.
Urvi suddenly remembers about Karn. She rushes to treat his father. Karn refuses to take her help, but she insists. Urvi nurses Karn’s father.
Karn couldn’t get over Queen’s comment. He behaves differently with Urvi.
Urvi senses his anger. She tries to calm him down, and in the same process, she asks him to drop her to the palace. She wants to talk it out. The episode of Karn Sangini ends.
Karn Sangini Precap: Urvi invites Karn for Diwali.