Karn Sangini 24th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Urvi thinking about Karn and Kasturi’s last night act. Just then, Kasturi comes in and approaches to prepare sweet for Karn. Urvi makes room for her and decides to leave the kitchen. Kasturi stops her and seeks her help.
Kasturi starts scattering oil all over the place. Urvi is busy arranging ingredients for Kasturi.
Further, Kasturi somehow makes Urvi scatter the oil vessel to which the Kitchen and Kasturi catch fire.
Karn jumps in the fire and saves Kasturi.
All start asking Urvi about the accident. Urvi tells the story.
Kasturi’s father, Tilakdhar hits the gong of justice and seeks evenhandedness for his daughter.
He blames Urvi for setting fire on Kasturi. Karn takes Urvi’s side and asks him to take his foolish theory away.
Urvi asks Karn to complete his court procedure and if he finds her guilty then she will give her life away.
Kasturi rejoices her victory, whereas Radha scolds Urvi for stupidity.
Urvi shares the incident about Kasturi where she spelled out some incidents about past. Urvi plans to expose Kasturi.
Precap: Urvi confronts Kasturi.