Karn Sangini 25th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Urvi visits the kitchen to collect evidence in her support of the argument in the court. She finds a man standing at the place too. She tries to attack him, but he turns out to Karn.
Karn says he was here to find evidence. Urvi requests Karn to leave and assures him that she will help herself.
Urvi finds Kasturi’s holy thread. She understands her plan.
Urvi visits Kasturi’s room with some medicines. Kasturi pretends to solace Urvi, but Urvi seems confident. She shows a thread and says she has complete faith in God. Kasturi denies it to be holy.
After an argument, Urvi proves Kasturi hasn’t forgotten anything. Kasturi opens up and reveals her plan to eradicate Urvi from the palace. She also opens up about finesse in her plan as Urvi couldn’t defeat her.
Urvi stands emptyhanded and has nothing to prove Kasturi wrong.
Urvi tells Radha about everything. Radha reveals Kasturi’s true nature. She says that Kasturi cannot stand sharing and hence wants her out of Karn and life.
The written update of 25 January 2019 KarnSangini episode story ends.
Upcoming Karn Sangini episode update: A case comes to Karn court. He demands equal handedness. He blames Kasturi be his culprit.