Karn Sangini 26th December 2018 written episode written update

Urvi’s mother shows Karn how Urvi uses to live. She asks the servants to bring the barrels of jewelry and clothes. Karn says Urvi is above all this and is very happy with him.
While learning household chores, Urvi gets hurt. The Queen spots Urvi getting injured she scolds the servants. Urvi tells her mother that she is learning all this to impress her in-laws. The Queen stands stunned.
Urvi’s mother makes Urvi live lavishly so that she could create doubt in Karn’s mind about Urvi.
The Queen shows Karn that Urvi has couldn’t give on Royal treatment and is enjoying every bit of it.
Karn shows respect to the Queen’s concern and says that he understands what she is going through, but Urvi is very happy with him and is making all sorts of effort to adjust.
A flashback shows Urvi’s mother bribes Karn’s Aunts to create a ruckus when Urvi returns.
Urvi get dressed to leave Pukhya. Karn escorts Urvi with him.
Precap: Karn’s aunts mistreat with Urvi’s gifts. Urvi screams on them. Karn and Radha get astounded to see Urvi’s behavior.