Karn Sangini 28th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update 

Kasturi made Karn believe that she is trying hard, but couldn’t remember anything.
Radha and Urvi understood that Kasturi is a fine player and she couldn’t let go so easily.
Urvi and Radha plan to trap Kasturi.
A man comes to Karn’s court demanding justice. He tells that Kasturi has taken his eyes and now he wants Kasturi’s. Karn stands in a fix.
A flashback reveals that Urvi and Radha placed the man to dig out Kasturi’s reality, but Kasturi super smarts them and acts that she couldn’t remember anything and hence, couldn’t defend.
She leaves the decision to Karn.
Karn posterns the case until the time Kasturi remembers.
Kasturi confronts Urvi for playing games with her. She discloses that she aims to rule the palace alone. She reminds Urvi that she is left with less time to prove herself innocent.
Next morning, Radha and Karn are vulnerable. Urvi solaces them both and asks Karn to take the correct decision.
Tilakdhar is waiting for Karn’s judgment.