Karn Sangini 28th November 2018 written update written episode

Urvi who spots that the lotus which Karn gifted her has gone missing. The queen takes the blame and frames a different story to keep Urvi apart from Karn.
Shakuni senses that Karn is filled with vengeance. He unknowingly

reveals his plan where he sculpted the house of wax for Pandav in Varnavrat. Karn bashes Shakuni.
The queen spots Urvi is getting ready to meet Arjun. She plans to stop her as Arjun isn’t going come. She makes Urvi busy.
Shakuni comes to know that Karn has departed to save Pandavas. He gets worried.
Urvi leaves to meet Arjun but strangely get caught by a wicked tree. Karn is passing by. He spots Urvi tangled by the branches of a tree. He protects Urvi. Karn Sangini episode ends.
precap: Urvi blames Karn for murdering Pandavas.