Karn Sangini 29th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Urvi standing in the court as the culprit. Radha advocates Urvi and saves her from the murder sentence. Tilakdhar and Kasturi get miffed.
Kasturi promises Tilakdhar that she will make sure Urvi is thrown out of Karn’s life.
Karn gets a letter where Duryodhana has called him for some confidential matter. Kasturi jumps in happiness as now she has the brilliant opportunity.
Karn informs Urvi and Radha about the same.
Kasturi asks Karn to bring a Rudraksha for Urvi.
Urvi couldn’t understand Kasturi’s act. She tries to warn Karn, but he has complete faith in Kasturi.
Kasturi meets Tantrick and gets a small box. Tantrick warns Kasturi to use the box with extra precaution.
Urvi and Radha find a strange box with Kasturi. Radha starts to trick Kasturi in her talk.