Karn Sangini 29th November 2018 written update written episode

Karn saving Urvi. He decides to head towards Vranavrat with Urvi as there is no time left.
Here, Arjun receives a letter from Urvi. He finds the handwriting a bit different from Urvi’s.
Arjun and rest of the Pandavas fall into the trap.
By the time Karn could reach to protect Pandavas, the Vranavrat Palace turned in ashes.
Urvi wakes up and finds Karn taking rounds of the Vranavrat Palace. She gets traumatized to learn that Pandavas have passed away.
She confronts Karn and bashes him. Karn tries to speak, but Urvi doesn’t let him.
Urvi gets shattered to see the dead bodies.
Karn questioning Urvi about the reason behind all her allegations. KarnSangini episode WU ends.
precap : Karn makes Urvi realize that he hasn’t killed Pandavs.