Karn Sangini 30th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Radha apologizing Kasturi for misunderstanding her. Kasturi also plays along. They both hug each other. Urvi was hidden under the breakfast table. She steals the same mystery box.
Urvi and Radha assume that Kasturi has bought their lie. They open the mystery box and understand that the mystery box is fake and Kasturi still has the original one.
Kasturi tests the powers of the mystery box on finds it appropriate.
Radha and Urvi plan to defeat Kasturi.
Kasturi plans to control Urvi. She abducts Urvi and casts the charm of the mystery box.
Radha and Karn’s aunts come running hearing the scream from Kasturi’s room. Radha finds Urvi’s earning in Kasturi’s room. She decides to confront her.
When Radha confronts Urvi, she doesn’t remember anything. Radha gets skeptical.
A flashback reveals that Kasturi made Urvi do everything to create doubt in Radha’s mind.