Karn Sangini latest news: Chaos breaks out in swayamwar as Uruvi’s decision leads to break out of big fight

Star Plus’s show Karn Sangini is soon going to showcase the most awaited moment as Uruvi’s swayamwar will take place and she will choose Karn as her husband not caring about the consequences of her choice. Uruvi loves only Karn and wants to marry him although her mother is completely against her choice. Uruvi’s mother Shubhda has kept Uruvi isolated in a dark cell to torture her so that she forgets her dreams to marry Karn and chooses Arjun as her husband instead. However, Uruvi’s love for Karn is undying and she proves her determination that she will only marry Karn. In the upcoming episodes of the show, viewers will get to see Uruvi’s swayamwar ceremony where a number of princes from different kingdoms will arrive in order to marry Uruvi. However, Karn will make a heroic entry in the swayamwar ceremony.

Uruvi’s decision leads to break out of big fight

As soon as Uruvi sees Karn, she will rush to him and make him wear the garland and proclaim him as her future husband. Looking at Uruvi’s choice, there will be disappointment amongst everyone and a fight will also break out amid the crowd. Uruvi will be shocked to see the outbreak of chaos because of her decision but she will be determined to marry Karn and no one else. Will Uruvi and Karn be able to marry against all odds?