Karn Sangini latest news: Uruvi takes big risk for Karn

The upcoming twist of Star Plus’s show Karn Sangini will show that Uruvi will fight against all odds to complete the promise that Karn has made to her. Uruvi and Karn’s paths have crossed once again as Karn becomes her charioteer and takes her and Arjun to Pukhiya. Arjun treats Karn with disrespect and Uruvi is hurt seeing this. As they reach Pukhiya, Arjun orders Karn to live in the stable and Uruvi feels bad for Karn.

Uruvi hurt seeing Karn’s disrespect

Uruvi is upset seeing how Karn is treated with disrespect and disregard whereas Arjun gets royal treatment. Uruvi knows that Karn will fulfill the promise that he has made to her and she waits for him to come to her and hand over the pink diamond ring. However, Karn does not get allowed to meet Uruvi and is sent back by the servant while Uruvi keeps waiting for him. Karn leaves the gift for Uruvi and Uruvi gets upset thinking that Karn did not give it to her directly. Uruvi will now be determined to meet Karn and make him present the gift to her directly. Uruvi will head towards the stables to meet Karn but she will be in danger of being caught. Will Uruvi be able to fight against all odds and make Karn complete his promise to her?