Karn Sangini Written Update 3rd December 2018: Karn & Urvi Love Each Other

Lord Krishna discussing love with Urvi. He makes Urvi aware of the challenges and courage it takes for a person to be in love.
Lord Krishna asks Urvi about who she is in love. Urvi reveals about Karn.
Karn and his mother Radha arrives Aangraaj. Radhya comes to know that the courtier is planning against Karn and are trying to remove from him from his throne.

Krishna tells Urvi that loving a prince could be easier for her, but Karn is a bigger challenge because neither her parents not the society will allow her to do so. Urvi tells Lord Krishna that she ready for all kinds of problems.
Lord Krishna asks Urvi to express her love to Karn.
Karn receives the letter from Urvi. Radha fills with joy when she comes to know that Urvi has fallen in love with Karn.
Urvi’s parents plan to organize a swyamvar for Urvi. Radha reveals Karn about Urvi’s swyamvar. Karn gets puzzled.
Urvi asks her parents to put Karn’s name in the list of invitees. The king and queen refuse to enter his name.
Radha makes Karn realize about his love for Urvi. Karn Sangini WU episode story ends.
Karn Sangini next episode precap: Urvi fights with the queen for Karn.