The Episode starts with Rishi telling Netra that someone will love her. Netra says sorry. Rishi asks if Tanuja heard everything. Rishi says it is good that she heard us and says she praises AK, I have best person in my life. He says Tanuja shall know that she is not the only beautiful girl. Netra gets a call and asks Rishi to come for engagement. Rishi thinks days and relations are ending and cries. Raj talks on phone and says sorry to a lady. Lady says it seems we have met somewhere. Raj says may be and says he is Raj Singh Bedi. Lady says she is Beauty and flirts with him. Raj says it seems a poet must have praised your beauty. The lady beauty gets flattered and calls him shah rukh. Raj gets flattered and asks her to open beautician shop. Manpreet hears them. Raj says I am busy and says my wife must be

waiting for me. The lady says I got my Raj. She eyes Raj wherever he goes. Raj thinks this lady is flirting with me and comes to Beeji. He says a lady is flirting with me. Beeji says there is no age to flirt and says you are my hero material. Raj says I am your son. Rano comes and collides with Raj. He says sorry behen ji. Rano gets angry and asks with whom he has collided. Manpreet calls Raj and says he is beauty. Rano hears him and says this girl is near you. Manpreet asks him to take her to watch DDLJ. Rano hears him and asks him to have shame. Beeji teases Raj. Rano sees Manpreet and calls on the number. Raj’s phone rings. Rano says sorry to Raj. Beeji gets happy and says my tiger is zinda. Rano says he is my tiger. Beeji says but I have given birth to tiger.

Tanuja thinks about Rishi and Netra’s conversation and cries. Rishi comes there and looks at her. A song plays…pyaar ho jab…tumse hi…Rishi says I want to talk to you. Tanuja says she don’t want to talk and asks him not to praise her. Rishi asks why she is jealous. Tanuja says you tell same thing to Netra which you used to tell me. Rishi says its ok, but what happened, why she can’t be beautiful. He says you brought AK between us. Tanuja says you never think yourself wrong. Rishi says you can’t bear if I praise others. He asks her to think how he bears when she praises AK. He asks her to tell her once that she don’t feel his touch, or her heart beats faster etc. Tanuja says I have no feelings for you and says AK is lakhs times better than you. Rishi says I am getting angry. Tanuja says I don’t lie like you and says you are liar. Rishi says you got angry as you never thought I can praise someone else. Tanuja says she never thought this will happen, but it is happening.

Pandit ji asks Beeji to call Rishi and says mahrurat is ending. AK searches for Tanuja and asks Ahana. Myra says she saw her going to garden. He gets a call and picks it. Rishi tells Tanuja that he never wanted third person to come in between us. Tanuja says you brought girls between us. Rishi says why you are talking about past. Tanuja says you are my past and asks how to move on, as you haven’t left anything. Rishi says he is getting engaged to Netra for the case and says I love you even now. Tanuja asks him not to lie and says love can’t be like this.
Rishi says sorry. Tanuja says you have always betrayed me and left me on the way. You have given all my rights to Netra. She says you would have told me that you loves me and is not married to Netra. She says sometimes she feels like crying hugging him and then ask why you kept my Rishi far from me, whom I love so much and who used to love me very much. Tere bina plays…AK comes there and sees them hugging and crying. Rishi says I just love you and says sorry for giving her pain. AK is shattered and cries.

Precap: Tanuja comes holding AK’s hand. Rishi asks her to leave AK’s hand. Tanuja looks angry.