The Episode starts with Pandit ji telling that if the engagement don’t happen in 10 mins then it will never happen. They get tensed. They try to make Tania have medicine. Tania refuses. Netra says if she have medicine then she will kiss her. Ahana brings milk shake and asks her to have it. Tania takes the medicine. Rishi asks Netra to come for engagement. Taina hugs Netra and refuses to let her go. Ahana says Pandit ji said that if the engagement don’t happen soon then it will not happen. Netra asks Rishi if they can’t marry without engagement. Rishi says they can marry. Netra says Rishi has promised me and will marry me. Kanchal asks why don’t she understand and stopping her engagement for her. Netra says Tania is her daughter and asks Rishi to cancel their engagement and informs the guests. Rishi

says ok. AK cries thinking about Rishi and Tanuja’s emotional moment. Bulleye song plays…

Rishi tells the guest that Tania’s mum Netra wants to cancel the engagement as their daughter Tania met with an accident and is not leaving her. He says Tania is everything for Netra and that’s why she is cancelling the engagement. He says they have a wedding after 2 days and AK will also marry on the same day. Tanuja is shocked and recalls astrologer’s words that Rishi is in her destiny and he can never get engaged or marry anyone. Maasi and Myra also leaves from there. AK calls Rohit and asks if he has drinks. Rohit says it seems you are already drunk and says Tanuja might have hidden the drink somewhere. AK says my house is broken before building. He says I am standing outside your house. Rohit goes out and sees him sitting.

AK says you are my friend, brother, my emotional support with whom I can share my pain. He says he is betrayed by Tanuja. He says he saw Tanuja and Rishi hugging each other and his heart is broken. He says I am really a bad man and don’t want to talk to her. Rohit says you are really a nice guy. AK says Tanuja don’t love me, but Rishi and he also loves her. AK cries feeling his pain. He says he had 10 girls in his life, but he never loved them and loved only Tanuja. Rishi talks to Tanuja. Tanuja says you all have made my life complexed. Rishi asks her to calm down. Tanuja and Rishi have an argument. Tanuja tells Ahana to tell loser that she will break his mouth. AK tells Manpreet that she don’t love him. Manpreet asks what happened? Rishi says he will block her number. Manpreet says ok do.

Rishi asks Netra if she is upset. Netra says I couldn’t get what I wanted, but I have my daughter with me and that is enough for me.