Tanuja blames Rishi and cries that he was the one who snatched her Rishi from her. These tears and this pain are only because of her, not Rishi. She has everything today, her daughter and Abhishek’s companionship is with her. Rishi smiles that Tanuja still doesn’t wish to hurt him. Tanuja insists he doesn’t mean for her. Rishi says she is a liar, her eyes don’t support her word. They have an argument, Tanuja taunts she has Nehtra to speak to; why bother her.
Abhishek walks across the corridor, lost in thoughts about Tanuja’s concern for Rishi.
There, Rishi minds Tanuja he will never speak to her again. Tanuja shouts she doesn’t care and leaves.
Abhishek gets a drink for himself, recalling Tanuja and Rishi together. In the hall, Tanuja slips because of her dress, Rishi holds

her in his arms. Abhishek watches them again. Rishi says she could have said a thankyou, Tanuja argues he didn’t need save her. Rishi wipes her tears replying there was a need.
Ahana and Manpreet watch this and wonders what this was. Manpreet cuddles her saying it was love. Ahana leaves the stage and meets a lady, Gayatri. She tells Manpreet that Gayatri reads future. Manpreet laughs as he doesn’t trust in any such thing. Gayatri says there is something great about to happen in his life. Manpreet asks her about Abhijeet. Gayatri says he will bring the happiness to their house, every path of this family’s happiness emerge from him. But life will show him something unpredictable. He has something which isn’t his, and isn’t even right; he owns a red cover – the color of Sindoor and Blood both. What fates bring can’t be seen. They were confused. Raaj comes to take Manpreet aside and asks him for some fun on his brother’s engagement.
Tanuja joins Abhijeet. Rishi was curt over him. He tells Tanuja to leave his hand, but Rano takes his attention to Nehtra. Tania who was coming downstairs slips from the stairs. They all hurry to take her inside.
Pandit ji takes Rano aside and says he can sense trouble in this engagement. If this engagement doesn’t take place in time, someone’s life can be endangered. Nehtra’s mother was worried, but Rano denies any such thing. Bee ji takes them towards Tania.
Tanuja asks Bua ji and Maira if they need something. Bua ji reminds that Tanuja is no more a host of this house. Maira takes her aside and asks why she hurt Tanuja. Bua ji was worried about Pandit ji’s prediction and wonders why there are so many hurdles in first Abhi’s and then Rishi’s engagement.
In the room, Nehtra was worried as there was blood from Tania’s head. Rishi goes to get the first aid box. Rano and ladies come there. Rishi calls the doctor.
Abhishek sat in a corner still confused about Rishi-Tanuja love. He drinks viciously, then breaks the glass in his hands hurting himself. Tanuja spots him and heads towards him but hits Pandit ji. She feels his stare over her. Pandit ji introduces himself as Pandit of Kali Maa’s mandir, if she knows Katiani? Ahana also joins. Pandit ji says he told Rano that Rishi won’t marry anyone else, his birth chart is a very strange one. Rishi can’t be someone else’s, someone promised him to return and fulfil the Kasam. Tanuja turns to walk away, recalling the promises from Tannu’s life. She says she always feel a strange pain because of all this. Pandit ji insists that fate won’t let them part, universe will never let them unite.

PRECAP: Rishi gives an open invitation to two weddings, his and his best friend Abhishek Khurana will marry on same date.