Kasam 16th January 2018 Written Episode Update: AK Is Upset With Tanuja

Kasam 16th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Twchannels.com

The Episode starts with Rishi telling Tanuja that whenever she is in trouble, he will come to her rescue. Tanuja says it is good the goons hear police jeep sound and ran away. Rishi says it came from his phone and tells that Myra called him. Tanuja says you said that you will not talk to me. Rishi says I am not talking to you, but came to help her. Tanuja asks him to take AK to car. Rishi asks her to drop him and says he didn’t bring the car. Tanuja says she will drop him. She says don’t know why AK drank so much. Rishi says he is your choice and says she is looking cute while driving the car. Tanuja gets irked. Rishi tells Tanuja that whatever he told Netra was not his words for her, but it was his mum’s thoughts. For me, you are the most beautiful woman in the world. And asks if she will marry AK.Tanuja talks about love stories and says Krishna ji married Rukmini, but even now his name is taken with Radha and this is called love. Tanuja, Rishi and AK come home. She calls driver to drop Rishi. Rishi asks her to come with him. Tanuja says you also think about yourself and others emotion don’t matter to you. Rishi gets upset, but takes AK to room. Rishi and Tanuja come out of AK’s room. Rishi says I am leaving. Tanuja thanks him and says bye. Rishi says I am really going. Tanuja asks him to go and says Netra must be waiting for you. Rishi gets upset and says Netra and Tanuja might be having an affair. Bolna Mahi bolna plays…..Tanuja calls Servant and asks him to come and get AK change clothes. Rishi thinks if Tanuja will marry AK. Tanuja thinks she will marry AK. AK gains consciousness and asks her to move away. He says you have betrayed me and again falls unconscious. Tanuja thinks why he is talking like this. She gets worried. AK in drowsy state says I have seen everything.

Next morning, AK wakes up and says good morning to Natasha. Natasha tells him that she cried a lot when he didn’t come and says she will forgive him if he gives him candy. Ak says you can get if you give me a kiss. Natasha kisses and hugs him. AK says princess Papa loves you a lot. Natasha asks him to come out. Myra asks have you seen the time. Tanuja gives him lemon water. Maasi comes there and scolds Natasha for having candy in the morning. Myra says she is upset with you and asks AK to convince her. Ak apologizes to her. Maasi says you left Tanuja there, got drunk and had not pick our calls. AK apologizes.

Maasi says I know you didn’t do it intentionally and asks him to be in his senses and not to drink again. AK says ok and asks her to have fruits. Tanuja says breakfast is ready. Myra tells that she is going to her friend’s house for a get together. AK recalls Tanuja and Rishi’s emotional talk and tells her that he will have food in office. He asks Natasha to get ready and says he will drop her to school. Tania comes to hall and takes Beeji out to play. Netra says Tania is fine now. Rano asks Rishi to take Netra for shopping. Rishi says he has an important meeting and asks her to come to mall directly. Netra smiles.

Tanuja comes to AK’s room and selects his suit. AK thanks her. Tanuja asks what happened in night that made him so much angry. She says you always gets drunk, but nothing happens as such and asks what is bothering him. AK says I am getting late for office and says there is nothing. Tanuja asks him to tell truth and asks him not to try to late. AK says he saw her hugging Rishi. Tanuja asks what?

Rishi makes Tanuja wear mangalsutra in the shop and says it is suiting you, very nice. Tanuja gets upset.