The Episode starts with Tanuja going to Rishi and asks him to open his eyes. Rishi takes her name. Tanuja says your Tanuja have come and calls for help. She says I will take you to hospital. AK tells Maasi that Tanuja went. Maasi says let her go. AK says Pandit ji was right that Tanuja will not marry you. He says Myra used to say that she will leave me on mandap and Rishi also used to say the same thing. He asks if I am so bad that she left me. Ahana comes and says you are not bad, but very good man. She says this is a matter of souls and love. She says Tanuja loves him a lot and says they are made for each other. She says love is like a storm which breaks relations and many people. She says sorry and says now nobody wants to stay. She says we are leaving now. AK asks Ahana to wait and asks her to tell Tanuja

that he loves her very much, but if she is happy with Rishi then he is also happy. He folds his hands.

Tanuja comes to the workers and asks for their help. They help her take Rishi to hospital in auto. She asks Doctor to treat him. Doctor says he will start the treatment. Tanuja says I am with you, nothing will happen to you. One of the worker thank Tanuja. Doctor bandages his wound. Tanuja recalls her first meeting with Rishi when she was Tanu etc..and the recent happenings. She reminisces Rishi telling her that their love story ended. Tere bina plays…She prays in the hospital temple and asks Goddess to make Rishi fine and holds the lamp. She asks if my Rishi….and says you can’t do anything. Doctor comes and says he shall gain consciousnesa. She recalls worker asking her how she got to know about the accident. She asks Mata Rani to make him fine.

Maasi asks AK what to do as guests are waiting. Natasha comes and asks where is Tanuja? AK says Rishi’s house. Natasha says Mr. Handsome promised to take me, but he didn’t take me, I am very angry with him. AK cries and hugs her. Natasha wipes his tears with her saree pallu. AK says princess, I am not crying. Natasha says shall I make your eyes fine. AK hugs him. Natasha says I love you very much. Maasi pacifies him. AK says I am fine now and can do boxing with you. Natasha says you are fine now and asks shall I go to Mr. Handsome’s house. AK nods yes. He says even Natasha will leave now and asks why this is happening with me…Maasi. Maasi says everything will be fine. Tanuja prays to God and says my Rishi gained consciousness and thanks Mata rani. She is going to the OT, but nurse stops her.

Tanuja says he got consciousness and asks her to check. Rishi gains consciousness. Nurse thinks how did she know? Rishi opens his eyes and says he is fine. Tanuja says she got scared. Rishi says I am fine because of you. Doctor comes and checks him. He asks Tanuja to let him rest and asks her to rest as well. Tanuja recalls leaving her mehendi in middle and go from there.

Maasi brings AK downstairs. AK says he will send the guests as mehendi will not happen now. He tells guests that he wants to tell something and says whatever happened few time back, I know nobody wants to know why did that happen. He says mehendi and marriage will not happen. He asks them not to think wrong about Tanuja and says she might have any good reason to leave me and says she is a very good girl and I am not suitable for her. Tanuja comes and asks who said this.

Rishi comes back to AK’s house and asks Tanuja to come with him. AK tells Tanuja that if she wants to go with him then she can go, but if she don’t want to go then he can’t bear him. He asks her to decide. Rishi asks her to think about only them and says we will have our own world away from everyone.