Episode starts with Tanuja coming back to AK’s house and apologizes to him for leaving the mehendi midway. She says she don’t know what happened to him and went. She says she felt as if something bad happen with Rishi and says I knew that he was not well. I went and my God and universe took me to Rishi, he was unconscious after meeting with an accident. Now he is fine and Doctors said that he will be fine after rest. He tells AK that it is very difficult for her to make him understand and says she is still connected with Rishi, and says sorry for making him embarrassed. AK asks her not be sorry. Tanuja asks if he wants to marry her still. Ak says she don’t need to say anything and asks guests to enjoy mehendi. Maasi tells Tanuja that she couldn’t see AK’s pain. Tanuja says sorry. Maasi says

I have understood you because of AK. Tanuja says she had to return as AK loves Natasha more than her, and says I have to return for them. Maasi asks her to come and sit for mehendi. She thinks why Abhi is not confessing love to Tanuja.

Natasha comes there and tells AK that when he smile, then he looks good. AK says if you and your mamma stay with me then I will keep smiling. Natasha laughs and goes. Rohit tells AK that he was happy to see him in love with Tanuja and when she left him, he was sad to see his pain. AK tells that it is one sided love for him. Manpreet comes to the hospital. Rishi asks him to call Tanuja. Manpreet says I don’t know where is she? Rishi asks him to tell where is she? Manpreet says he got call from hospital and that’s why he came. Rishi realizes she went home and goes. Manpreet tries to stop him. Rishi goes. Doctor says he can go, he is fine.

Mehendi designer tells Tanuja that she wrote A on her hand, but it becomes R. Tanuja asks her to hide R and write A. She looks at AK and Natasha playing. Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hai…..plays….Rishi comes out and asks Manpreet to give his car keys. He says he parked it outside and says it seems it was taken by the traffic police. Rishi tells him that he has to make Tanuja realize that their love is not of this birth, but of many births, and says our love brought her to me when I was in danger. Manpreet says lets go in auto rikshaw. Netra comes to the function and says Tania forgot her bag, that’s why she came to get it. She thinks Tanuja returned and thinks where is Rishi. Rishi and Manpreet take Rickshaw, but Rickshaw driver says he is feeling sleepy. Rishi says he will drive rickshaw. He drives and reaches there. Myra gives dholak to Maasi. Maasi plays it. Everyone dances.

Rishi comes there. He says you said that you are not in my heart and asked me to go, when I met with an accident, you sensed it and reached there. He says this can’t be ignored by anyone and says this is love and asks her to understand. He says officially infront of everyone, I ask for your hand. He says your life is ahead of you and asks her not to worry about society etc. He asks her to come with him and says he will handle everyone. AK tells her that if she wants to go then she can go, but if she don’t want then he can’t bear him anymore. He asks her to decide. Rishi asks her not to worry or scared and says we will go and have our own world. Tanuja backs off and nods no. Rishi laughs and says my life is backing off from me. AK asks him to leave and stop his nonsense.

Rishi tells everyone that he is marrying Tanuja. Tanuja is surprised to know that Rishi is not married to Netra and having Tania out of wedlock. She thinks why I agree to his sayings always. AK says as you love him.