The Episode starts with Kanchal telling Netra that she is very happy for her. AK recalls Tanuja and Rishi’s love and confession. Tanuja thinks about Kanchan’s words that Rishi and Netra have a child out of wedlock. Ak asks Tanuja what is in Rishi Singh Bedi that girls fell in love with him. Rishi thinks why Tanuja is not picking the call and gets tensed. Kanchan comes to Rishi and apologizes for calling him in court. She says she is finally happy seeing them getting married. Rishi says don’t be sorry. Kanchal gets happy and says lets move on in life. Rishi thinks how to tell her that marriage will be fake.

AK asks Tanuja to tell what she likes in him. Tanuja asks why he is irritating her. AK says he wants to see the depth of her love. Tanuja asks him to get ready to go to their engagement and

says she has understood now, that Rishi can’t love anyone, and is a flirt who plays with women relations. She says he never cared for the women feelings who were in his life. He says we will go. AK says we will go if you smile. Tanuja smiles. AK asks her to be happy always. Netra tells Rishi that she had broken relations with her mum. Rishi thanks her for supporting her. Netra says the problems in your life is because of me. Rishi says I am already feeling guilty and says your mum is thinking our marriage is real. Netra says my mum will not understand Tanuja and your love, this world will also not understand. Rishi says I am in dilemma and thanks her. Netra asks him to help her to choose the saree.

Manpreet comes and asks why did you announce your marriage decision with Netra and invited the guests, getting decoration and catering. Rishi says he is getting married to Netra to get Natasha, and says if Tanuja comes and stops his fake wedding then he will accept her, else he will marry Netra, He says now it is Tanuja’s turn to come to me, and once she comes to me, I will leave this world. Maasi and Myra come to the party. Myra says it is all God’s planning. Rishi says God and his planning are both same. He asks where is Tanuja and AK. Tanuja comes just then with AK. Tere bina main plays…

AK asks Tanuja why is she looking at Rishi and making him believe that you still holds feelings for him. Rishi comes to them and says it is good to move on. AK thinks you don’t want to move on and will not let us move on. Rishi thinks don’t keep your eye on my Tanuja.

Rishi tries to talk to Tanuja. Tanuja says she don’t want to talk. Rishi says don’t know tomorrow will come or not.