Kasauti Zindagi Kay 26th November 2018 written update written episode

Mohini and family members leave Ronita’s room while Anurag notices shoes outside window.

Naveen hides himself while behind Mohini and all leave the room, Anurag recalls Naveen’s shoes he realizes that the man must be Naveen but he fails to see Naveen outside window.

Madhuri worries if Naveen killed Ronita or not, Naveen calls Madhuri and asks her to bring his one pair shoes and water outside house.

Madhuri is shocked to find Naveen in messy state, while Naveen explains everything to Madhuri that how Anurag ruined his plan and his attempt to kill Ronita also failed.

Naveen gets irritated while Madhuri asks him to return back to the hall as soon as possible to complete the rituals while here Mohini asks Prerna to complete the pre-wedding rituals which is very important.

Prerna comes to take flower plate where she holds the heavy thaal, Anurag comes and holds the thaal with her.

However, Prerna stops him from doing so, Anurag says that he will always be there with her and this is his promise of their friendship.

Anurag and Prerna hold flower thaal and move forward while suddenly they slip and unknowingly their feets get dipped in kumkum thaal, as they walk towards temple, Anurag and Prerna’s kumkum footprints on floor symbolize that they are made for each other and will always stay together.

Anurag and Prerna’s pre-wedding ritual

Anurag and Prerna talk and reach to hall where Veena is telling Shivi about the ritual, she asks Shivi to call Mohini as Prerna brought flowers, while Veena tells that husband and wife bring flower thaal to temple with their feets dipped in kumkum, Shivi notices Anurag Prerna’s footprints and smiles while she shows the same to Veena.

Veena is shocked while Shivi teases Prerna and Anurag while she tells them about how they just completed the ritual,

Anurag and Prerna are also surprised while Shivi asks them to complete the ritual and don’t leave it half complete. Anurag and Prerna keep thaal in temple while they see their footprints.

Mohini gets furious seeing Anurag’s footprints while Mohini tells Anurag that it was just a coincidence, Mohini asks servant to wipe out the footprints while seeing the servant getting late, Mohini throws tissue papers on floor and herself wipes Anurag’s footprints.

Mohini stops herself from creating any scene while Naveen comes there, Mohini asks Prerna to come with Veena they have to complete other rituals.

Anurag sees Naveen’s shoes and realizes that Naveen just changed his shoes, Madhuri enters Ronita’s room and picks pillow to kill her while then only Moloy comes out of washroom and sees Madhuri.

Moloy warns Madhuri not to stoop so low to fulfill her greed, Ronita thinks that Moloy is sharp-minded man that’s why he just caught her truth, she thinks how to get out of here while Moloy says that he knows well why she locked the room.


Anurag inspects Naveen’s room and is shocked to see his passport, his real name is Pradeep Basu.