Kasauti Zindagi Ki 14th November 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Episode starts with Police enquires Moloy about the robbers but Moloys refuses.

Moloy thinks scolds Police for ruining their party while Moloy indirectly hints Police about the robbers pointing gun at the family members.

ACP goes with his Police officers while Moloy holds his collar and tries to threaten him while ACP apologizes to Moloy and goes.

The robbers’ leader locks the door and laughs at Moloy that the ACP didn’t understand his words.

Anurag and Prerna shout for help while the Police are leaving the Basu mansion, Anurag throws ball at the jeep while the ACP comes out and picks ball but before he could see Anurag Prerna or understand their hint, one of the goons comes out and misleads ACP.

The Police leave while the goons catch Anurag and Prerna,

Basu family and Sharma family are tied with ropes that Mohini threatens the goons leader that her son Anu will definitely flop his mission and will save his family and Mom.

Mohini believes in her son Anurag and gives open challenge to the goons leader, Mohini tells the goons leader that her son must have planned his strategy which is above from his mind.

Anurag bravely kicks the goons while Prerna and Anurag both run to the room and hide themselves, Anurag smartly misleads goons and locks them in room.

The ACP and the Police officers are amid way that ACP recalls Moloy’s words and ball hitting their jeep, ACP finally understands that Moloy was giving him hint about Robbers and Anurag was not in the hall which means that he was secretly seeking help.

ACP asks his officers to return back to Basu Mansion while amid way they get stuck in traffic.

Anurag and Prerna comes out while the goons leader loses his temper because Anurag hurt his brother hands, the goon point s gun at Mohini and asks Anurag to either come or lose his mother.

Anurag walks off to save Mohini while Prerna protects him from the goons attack.

Anurag and Prerna reach on time before the leader could shoot Mohini.

Prerna’s life in hell danger

The goons leader wants to settle scores with Anurag that he inserts only one bullet in the gun and points at Anurag and Mohini, he plays a witty game testing destiny as who will die here today Anurag or Mohini…All are shocked while Anurag gets saved from the gunshot, the goon points at Mohini.

And before he could shoot Mohini, Prerna sees broken wire and smartly she throws the cut wire in water while all goons get electric shock and faint unconscious.

All are relieved that Prerna saved their lives, Prerna hugs her family while Anurag hugs his family, Anurag and Mohini get emotional while they share hug suddenly the goons drag Prerna and shockingly point gun at her.

Anurag Mohini and all stand shocked.


Anurag warns Naveen that he is like a wall which he (Naveen) can neither break nor avoid, Anurag reveals to Naveen that he saw Naveen making Madhuri wear mangalsutra, Naveen is astonished.